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     6Version 3.5:
     8- ui:
     9  * "chat list": shows a list of existing server-side chatrooms. With some
     10    protocols, this is often the only way to add new channels.
     11    See 'help chat list' for details. (jgeboski)
     12  * "plugins": lists the installed plugins and their versions (jgeboski)
     13  * Add 'nick_lowercase' and 'nick_underscores' settings.
     14  * "handle_unknown" can be set per-account, not just globally
     16- jabber:
     17  * Add "always_use_nicks" channel setting, for non-anonymous MUCs (trac #415)
     18    See 'help set always_use_nicks' for possible side effects.
     19  * Properly handle rejected file transfers
     20  * Don't send parts in a chat if someone is still connected from other devices
     21  * hipchat: support personal oauth tokens (manually generated ones)
     23- twitter:
     24  * Hide muted tweets / no-retweets, add mute/unmute commands (Flexo)
     25  * Show full version of extended tweets (with slightly more than 140 chars)
     27- purple:
     28  * Support setting chat room topics (EionRobb)
     29  * Support for extra groupchat settings. Shows an error if any required
     30    ones are missing. Look for purple_ prefixed settings in "chan #... set"
     31  * SIPE: persistent chats can be joined now, thanks to the "chat list" command
     32    and the above ("purple_uri" channel setting)
     33  * Fix a file transfer crash bug (Mainly affected telegram)
     34  * Honor protocol flag to not require a password (used in hangouts, telegram)
     35  * Set the contacts' nicks to the %full_name for a few whitelisted protocols
     36    (hangouts, funyahoo, icq, line)
     37  * LINE: added a hack to save its auth token, to avoid re-auth every time
     38  * Show self-messages in groupchat backlogs (before join)
     40- yahoo:
     41  * Removed because they killed their old protocol on a two month notice.
     42    Use EionRobb's funyahoo purple plugin, or better yet, don't use yahoo.
     44- Stuff for enterprise deployments (all done by Sevas)
     45  * Locked down accounts, useful when pregenerating user config files. An
     46    account that is marked with the locked="true" attribute can't be removed
     47    and its username/password can't be changed.
     48  * Locked down settings. Same as above, but for individual account settings.
     49  * AllowAccountAdd setting in bitlbee.conf, to disable adding new accounts.
     50  * PAM and LDAP authentication backends (not compiled by default)
     52- For packagers:
     53  * Enabled debug symbols in non-debug builds, disabled stripping by default.
     54    This is closer to the default behavior of autotools, and --debug=1 is mostly
     55    to set the DEBUG macro and disable optimization.
     57- For plugin devs:
     58  * Plugins should now include an "init_plugin_info" function which will be used
     59    for ABI version checking in the future. It's optional for now, but will be
     60    enforced later. See the commit log of d28fe1c for details. (jgeboski)
     62Finished ... 200XX
    664Version 3.4.2:
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