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  • doc/AUTHORS

    r500a1b6 r019c031  
    44        Main developer
    6 Jelmer 'ctrlsoft' Vernooij <>
     6Jelmer 'ctrlsoft' Vernooij <>
    77        Documentation, general hacking, Win32 port
  • doc/CHANGES

    r500a1b6 r019c031  
    1111  handlers for headline messages (which allows you to use RSS-to-Jabber
    1212  gateways).
    14 Finished ...
     13- Lowered the line splitting limit a bit to fix data loss issues.
     14- The $proto($handle) format used for messages specific to one IM-connection
     15  now only include the ($handle) part when there's more than one $proto-
     16  connection.
     17- Fix for a crash-bug on broken Jabber/SSL connections.
     18- Incoming typing notifications now also come in as CTCP TYPING messages, for
     19  better consistency. Don't forget to update your scripts!
     20- AIM typing notifications are supported now.
     21- Jabber module only accepts ports 5220-5229 now, to prevent people from
     22  abusing it as a port scanner. We aren't aware of any Jabber server that
     23  runs on other ports than those. If you are, please warn us.
     24- Send flood protection can't be enabled anymore. It was disabled by default
     25  for a good reason for some time already, but some package maintainers
     26  turned it back on while it's way too unreliable and trigger-happy to be
     27  used.
     28- Removed TODO file, the current to-do list is always in the on-line bug
     29  tracking system.
     30- Fixed a potential DoS bug in input handling.
     32Finished 4 Dec 2005
    1634Version 0.99:
  • doc/FAQ

    r500a1b6 r019c031  
    4040Q: When is $random_feature going to be implemented?
    41 A: Please do consult doc/TODO (preferably in a development snapshot, which
    42    is more up-to-date than a TODO in a release version) before asking.
    43    Please also check the documentation. You'd not be the first one to request
    44    a feature which already exists!
    46    If your fabulous feature seems not to be requested before, just join
    47    #bitlbee on and tell us the news.
    49    If your feature request is already in the TODO list, of course you can
    50    still request it again/make us know that you'd like to see the feature as
    51    well. But when the feature is in the "post-1.0" list, it's probably not
    52    going to help. Most of the features in this list are low-priority because
    53    we (the developers) don't need (or even want) them. (File transfers are a
    54    good example here.)
    55    Hence, they'll only be implemented when we really got too much spare
    56    time. Obviously, if you're willing to help (i.e. submit a patch), you're
    57    always welcome.
     41A: It depends on the feature. We keep a list of all wishlist "bugs" in our
     42   Bug Tracking system at
    5944Q: The messages I send and/or receive look weird. I see weird characters and
    6146   non-ASCII characters!
    6247A: You probably have to change some settings. To get rid of HTML in messages,
    63    see "help set html". If you seem to have problems with your charset, see
    64    "help set charset".
     48   see "help set strip_html". If you seem to have problems with your charset,
     49   see "help set charset".
     51   Although actually most of these problems should be gone by now. So if you
     52   can't get things to work well, you might have found a bug.
    6654Q: Is BitlBee forked from Gaim?
  • doc/README

    r500a1b6 r019c031  
    108108See utils/bitlbeed.c for more information about the program.
    110 Just a little note: We run our public server for a couple of
    111 months now, and so far we haven't experienced this problem yet. The only
    112 BitlBee processes killed because of CPU-time overuse were running for a long
    113 time already, they were usually killed during the MSN login process (which
    114 is quite CPU-time consuming).
     110Just a little note: Now that we reach version 1.0, this shouldn't be that
     111much of an issue anymore. However, on a public server, especially if you
     112also use it for other things, it can't hurt to protect yourself against
     113possible problems.
    145144You can find new releases of BitlBee at:
     147The bug tracking system:
     150Our version control system is Bazaar-NG. Our repository is at:
    187192        BitlBee - An IRC to other chat networks gateway
    188193                  <>
    189         Copyright (C) 2002-2004  Wilmer van der Gaast <>
     194        Copyright (C) 2002-2005  Wilmer van der Gaast <>
    190195                                 and others
  • doc/user-guide/user-guide.xml

    r500a1b6 r019c031  
    2222        <legalnotice id="legalnotice">
    23      <para>
    24          Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
    25          document under the terms of the <ulink type="help"
    26          url="gnome-help:fdl"><citetitle>GNU Free Documentation
    27          License</citetitle></ulink>, Version 1.1 or any later version
    28          published by the Free Software Foundation with no Invariant
    29          Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. You
    30          may obtain a copy of the <citetitle>GNU Free Documentation
    31          License</citetitle> from the Free Software Foundation by
    32          visiting <ulink type="http" url="">their
    33          Web site</ulink> or by writing to: Free Software Foundation,
    34          Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307,
    35          USA.
    36        </para>
    3723    </legalnotice>
    3925   <releaseinfo>
    40                 This is the initial release of the BitlBee User Guide.
     26                This is the BitlBee User Guide. For now, the on-line help is
     27                the most up-to-date documentation. Although this document shares
     28                some parts with the on-line help system, other parts might be
     29                very outdated.
    4130   </releaseinfo>
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