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1TODO for BitlBee:
3We're trying to keep a better TODO list now. The priorities here are somewhat
4random, maybe. Or at least they change from time to time. The "After 1.0"
5changes are very low-priority, the "Before 1.0" are "highest" priority, the
6others are changes we'll do when we feel like doing them. They're usually not
7as critical as the "Before 1.0" changes, but still a bit more important than
8"After 1.0".
11- 100% cpu usage bugs.
12  -> They're still there... :-(
13- Check if the IRC send flood protection is reliable now.
14  -> Probably not, at least it still causes troubles on logging in for some
15     people. Maybe the thresholds aren't okay yet. Logins are just floody,
16     nothing we can do about that.
18Some time: (mainly features)
19- Rewrite Jabber module - the current one sucks.
20- Test Yahoo! groupchats a bit better, because they still seem to be a bit
21  flakey.
22  -> There are bug reports from time to time, but we can't do much about
23     them, possibly it's more a libyahoo2 problem.
24- Groupchats
25  -> Make them work on other nets than MSN/Yahoo as well.
26- Make usernames case-insensitive. (On case-insensitive filesystems this
27  change isn't necessary. This one is going to suck with backward-compati-
28  bilty...)
29  -> We'll probably combine this with the introduction of a better file
30     format for userdata.
31- Remind the user of unanswered questions after some time.
32- Maybe a way to send global messages. (for server shutdowns, for example)
33- Away-auto-replies.
34- Allow nick changes.
36After 1.0: (mainly toys)
37- File transfers -> DCC
38- SSL support? Persistent connections? Things you can do with a bouncer/proxy.
39- Support for buddy groups.
40- What else?
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