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Last change on this file since 82149f4 was 82149f4, checked in by GitHub <noreply@…>, at 2023-03-04T19:59:09Z

Fixes related to external-json-parser (#165)

  • configure: append conditionally json-parser to pc file

json-parser needs to be appended to Requires section of pkg-config file
when bitlbee is configured to use external-json-parser. This change is
needed for external plugins like bitlbee-steam.

  • Makefile: do not install json.h when system json-parser is used

install-dev target should not install bundled json.h when bitlbee is
configured to use external-json-parser.

  • Use correct json.h header file with respect to external_json_parser value

The preprocessor must include correct json.h header file with respect to
external_json_parser value, otherwise function prototypes and other
definitions do not need to correspond with object used for linking.

The state before this commit is that local version lib/json.h is used
always for compilation and external_json_parser variable controls if
local lib/json.o or global will be linked.

In order to fix this problem, #include directives in lib/json_util.h and
lib/oauth2.c were changed from "json.h" to <json.h> and preprocessor -I
flags were moved after conditional json-parser flags, which is enough
for solving the issue. Additionally, USE_EXTERNAL_JSON_PARSER macro is
exported when external-json-parser is used and it is used in lib/json.h
to trigger an error message, which should prevent similar mistakes in

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4*  Helper functions for json.c                                              *
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21*                                                                           *
24#include <json.h>
26#define JSON_O_FOREACH(o, k, v) \
27        char *k; json_value *v; int __i; \
28        for (__i = 0; (__i < (o)->u.object.length) && \
29             (k = (o)->u.object.values[__i].name) && \
30             (v = (o)->u.object.values[__i].value); \
31             __i ++)
33json_value *json_o_get(const json_value *obj, const json_char *name);
34const char *json_o_str(const json_value *obj, const json_char *name);
35char *json_o_strdup(const json_value *obj, const json_char *name);
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