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Welcome to the BitlBee BTS

Welcome to Trac, the BitlBee bug tracking system. You can report and view bugs/wishes anonymously, no need to create an account.

Since we use Bazaar as our VCS instead of SVN, we have to use an experimental Trac bzr module for now. It's sometimes a little bit slow, but apart from that it seems to work well. In case you find a problem, please report it here or in #BitlBee on

We're not using this Wiki for anything and edits aren't allowed because only spammers were taking advantage of it. If you want to read more about BitlBee, just go to the main site. There's also a dedicated BitlBee wiki for extra easier-to-search documentation.

You can also browse the source code of the current development version here. Or if you have bzr on your machine, you can download it directly from See also the other branches at

Thanks to Gijs Roest for the new logo. :-)