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Note about the tracd crashing

Welcome to the BitlBee BTS

Welcome to Trac, the BitlBee bug tracking system. You can report and view bugs/wishes anonymously, no need to create an account.

Since we use bzr as our VCS instead of SVN, we have to use an experimental version of Trac for now. We hope it'll work well anyway. In case you find a problem, please report it here or in #BitlBee on Update: It seems there are indeed some problems. From time to time tracd seems to hang. It can't respond to HTTP requests anymore and the tracd process has to be restarted. Let's hope this will be fixed soon, next time it happens I'll try to attach strace and see if it has useful debugging information...

For now we'll leave most of this Wiki empty and use this as our BTS. If you want to read more, just go to the main site.

You can also browse the source code of the current development version here. If you have bzr on your machine, you can also download it directly from

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