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    55Since we use [ Bazaar] as our VCS instead of SVN, we have to use an [ experimental Trac bzr module] for now. It's sometimes a little bit slow, but apart from that it seems to work well. In case you find a problem, please report it here or in #!BitlBee on
    7 For now we'll leave most of this Wiki empty and use this as our BTS. If you want to read more about BitlBee, just go to [ the main site].
     7We're not using this Wiki for anything and edits aren't allowed because only spammers were taking advantage of it. If you want to read more about BitlBee, just go to [ the main site].
    99You can also browse the source code of the current development version here. Or if you have bzr on your machine, you can download it directly from []. See also the other branches at [].
    1111Thanks to [ Gijs Roest] for the new logo. :-)
    13 Unfortunately we had to disable wiki edits for unknown users because of spam. Apparently the fact that the whole wiki is blocked in /robots.txt doesn't stop spammers from spoiling the Internet. :-(
    15 Currently this page is hosted on a desktop machine and may go down every now and then. We're still looking for a more permanent location to host it, after the old machine melted down (also, Trac just leaks too much memory to run happily on a Celeron 600 with <1GB of RAM...).
    17 *NOTE* [19 feb 2007] Unfortunately all comments posted in the last two months are lost. The Admin module is broken again (using the Trac built-in HTTP daemon is really a BAD idea, I guess...) so I had to clean up some crap by hand using sqlite. And, well, I made a little mistake. If your comment is missing and you think it's still important information, please do repost it. I might be able to restore some things from e-mail, but I don't know when I'll have time for it.
    19 Die, spammer. Die.