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Remaining rough edges in the "chat list" feature — at Version 3

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Priority: normal Milestone: 3.5
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Description (last modified by dx)

  • Implement it for some non-purple builtin protocols
  • Implement it for bitlbee-facebook
  • SIPE support improved, but requires running "chat list" before actually joining channels, which breaks autojoin. Figure out if other protocols have an equivalent issue, or skim the code. I think there was someone in #bitlbee willing to help here.
  • Skypeweb joins to a different channel, not the specified one.
  • Purple's jabber opens an input query instead of using the server parameter, add a hack for that.

Change History (3)

comment:1 Changed at 2016-09-25T03:24:04Z by dx

1a8875f handles the skypeweb thing

comment:2 Changed at 2016-10-13T02:34:24Z by dx

  • Trying to join jabber groupchats adds them without the server portion of the address

comment:3 Changed at 2016-10-18T07:18:11Z by dx

Description: modified (diff)

399d65a68619538c4ecacddc5fb6f14312647bb6 implements it for built-in jabber and hipchat. That counts as "some non-purple builtin protocols" for me.

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