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(edit) @574af7e   2006-05-25T23:20:54Z Jelmer Vernooij Require GLib 2
(edit) @0a69d7b   2006-05-25T09:53:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Use iconv from GLib if available
(edit) @e27661d   2006-03-31T17:55:47Z wilmer Finished the iconv() fix. Instead of doing it every time something …
(edit) @dd8d4c5   2006-01-10T14:36:49Z wilmer http_encode() now just escapes everything except [A-Za-z0-9]. Should …
(edit) @2a6ca4f   2006-01-04T11:16:58Z wilmer Better handling of IPv4 connections in IPv6 mode. (Wrapping/Unwrapping …
(edit) @39cc341   2006-01-03T18:30:54Z wilmer strip_html now replaces non-ASCII characters (entities like é) …
(edit) @a252c1a   2005-12-31T20:29:15Z wilmer Removed useless UTF8-related functions (iconv works a lot better).
(edit) @c88999c   2005-12-27T15:20:35Z wilmer Forgot to actually move those functions in previous commit. And …
(add) @e62762b   2005-12-27T15:10:15Z wilmer Moved util.c to root, moved some things to there from bitlbee.c
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