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(edit) @28eda86   2006-10-22T13:53:55Z wilmer Fixed #181. (Using wrong (static) variable in error messages.)
(edit) @8320a7a   2006-09-17T15:30:35Z wilmer Strings passed to xml_text aren't necessarily \0-terminated, so don't …
(edit) @7e3592e   2006-07-05T18:34:31Z wilmer Fixed text_load(), added detection of primary storage backends without …
(edit) @5b52a48   2006-07-03T21:22:45Z wilmer Implemented per-account nick lists instead of per-protocol nick lists. …
(edit) @5100caa   2006-07-01T15:52:05Z wilmer Added "account set" command.
(edit) @5c9512f   2006-06-30T09:17:18Z wilmer Made set.c API more generic so it's not specific to irc_t structures …
(edit) @1719464   2006-06-28T14:47:05Z wilmer Added random_bytes() function for better/more reliable randomization …
(edit) @90bbb0e   2006-06-26T16:50:47Z wilmer Moved the call to "account on" to the right place.
(edit) @c9f0c79   2006-06-26T12:04:21Z wilmer Implemented cleaner way of passing the "Incorrect password" error.
(edit) @6ee9d2d   2006-06-25T18:25:13Z wilmer Forgot to initialize pass_rc4 (which caused memory management mess …
(edit) @88086db   2006-06-25T17:23:27Z wilmer Added versioning information to the XML-file (convenient for later …
(edit) @6e1fed7   2006-06-25T17:07:25Z wilmer Using salted MD5 checksums for the user's BitlBee password and salted …
(edit) @00ab350   2006-06-21T17:14:49Z wilmer Fixed GError memory leak, correctly setting the migrate_storage default.
(edit) @2b14eef   2006-06-20T22:14:46Z wilmer Implemented handling of autoconnect attribute.
(edit) @9b46b64   2006-06-20T22:05:04Z wilmer Fixed error message for unknown protocols.
(edit) @ece2cd2   2006-06-20T21:48:28Z wilmer xml_save() now stores the password's md5sum too. Kind of ... important..
(edit) @84e9cea   2006-06-20T21:36:53Z wilmer Added xml_remove() and xml_check_pass().
(edit) @d028a77   2006-06-19T11:52:34Z wilmer Better detection of incorrect MD5 password hashes.
(edit) @d28f3b35   2006-06-18T23:07:28Z wilmer Now saving the password's md5sum instead of the plaintext version.
(edit) @5898ef8   2006-06-15T12:46:31Z wilmer xml_save(), decent error handling and merging fixed autosaving.
(edit) @c121f89   2006-06-14T20:30:25Z wilmer xml_load() works pretty well now.
(add) @a312b6b   2006-06-07T11:25:46Z wilmer Added storage_xml.c
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