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(edit) @28eda86   2006-10-22T13:53:55Z wilmer Fixed #181. (Using wrong (static) variable in error messages.)
(edit) @7e3592e   2006-07-05T18:34:31Z wilmer Fixed text_load(), added detection of primary storage backends without …
(edit) @5b52a48   2006-07-03T21:22:45Z wilmer Implemented per-account nick lists instead of per-protocol nick lists. …
(edit) @90bbb0e   2006-06-26T16:50:47Z wilmer Moved the call to "account on" to the right place.
(edit) @79e826a   2006-06-15T12:22:17Z wilmer Converted irc->status to binary flags. (This also fixes …
(edit) @d25f6fc   2005-12-26T14:02:47Z wilmer Added OperPassword and RunMode = ForkDaemon settings. Oper stuff is …
(edit) @c4168f4   2005-12-16T09:47:44Z wilmer Yay for useless optimizations!
(edit) @15832cc   2005-12-16T09:45:34Z wilmer Added the ICQ and AIM protocol numbers to find_protocol_by_id in …
(edit) @bf02a67   2005-12-15T11:55:27Z wilmer Merged Jelmer's pluginable tree (mainly useful for the Win32 port).
(edit) @703f0f7   2005-12-14T01:17:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my pluginable branch
(edit) @b73ac9c   2005-12-13T23:05:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for 'primary' and 'migrate' account storages. Fix two bugs …
(edit) @7cad7b4   2005-12-08T16:00:08Z Jelmer Vernooij Clearer seperation between crypting and generic password code
(edit) @09adf08   2005-12-08T15:31:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Couple of small bugfixes
(edit) @7989fcf3   2005-12-08T14:37:39Z Jelmer Vernooij Add check_pass function
(edit) @a1f17d4   2005-12-08T14:14:28Z Jelmer Vernooij Simplify storage API a bit
(add) @1ee6c18   2005-12-08T13:41:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Add abstraction layer for storage
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