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(edit) @be22e7b   2010-08-03T13:42:15Z Miklos Vajna t/livetest-bitlbee: redirect bitlbee's stderr to a logfile, not useful …
(edit) @f5ae4a10   2010-08-03T11:57:48Z Miklos Vajna fix up testcases for ui-fix
(edit) @3d88f65   2010-08-03T11:57:08Z Miklos Vajna tests: don't generate new certs all the time if not needed this is a …
(edit) @7cc2c1e   2010-04-12T15:37:33Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use os.path.expanduser for file paths in config Requested-by: …
(edit) @e3781b9   2010-04-12T15:37:33Z Miklos Vajna use fake user/pass the only problem that can happen this case is that …
(edit) @3291700   2010-04-12T15:37:03Z Miklos Vajna tests: use the echo123 test account instead of an external one now …
(edit) @9bc60f0   2010-03-08T00:00:07Z Miklos Vajna fix up two tests
(edit) @bcdc24b   2009-02-18T00:30:13Z Miklos Vajna skyped: add logfile option using this option messages are not lost …
(edit) @3512d0b   2009-02-18T00:23:07Z Miklos Vajna t: add summary to the end
(edit) @acfa364   2009-02-18T00:01:09Z Miklos Vajna add test for the info command
(edit) @fbd6c69   2009-02-17T23:49:19Z Miklos Vajna t: autogen skyped.conf
(edit) @50d453d   2009-02-17T23:38:00Z Miklos Vajna add testcase for sending and receiving messages
(add) @25a7eb8   2009-02-17T23:31:13Z Miklos Vajna Initial testcase. Code is based on ulim's automated live tests.
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