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(edit) @d9bca7f   2009-12-09T10:27:26Z Miklos Vajna skyped: cleanup
(edit) @1a575f69   2009-08-31T17:06:46Z Miklos Vajna skyped: let the error message suggest placing the config file under …
(edit) @ffd078a   2009-08-18T11:33:57Z Miklos Vajna dprint() now timestamps debug messages it's good to know when exactly …
(edit) @1b48afb   2009-04-29T17:24:18Z Miklos Vajna add support for user-wide config files in the past the config file …
(edit) @bcdc24b   2009-02-18T00:30:13Z Miklos Vajna skyped: add logfile option using this option messages are not lost …
(edit) @072c0fe   2009-02-17T21:12:03Z Miklos Vajna skyped: handle the case when LANG and LC_ALL env vars are empty
(edit) @8edfc90   2008-12-30T02:39:43Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use hashlib instead of sha (python2.6 warning)
(edit) @a349932   2008-12-21T23:45:51Z Miklos Vajna fix typo in skyped -h
(edit) @56ae398   2008-12-21T18:35:24Z Miklos Vajna replace /dev/null with os.devnull in skyped
(edit) @6b9cab1   2008-11-16T01:16:54Z Miklos Vajna skyped: handle the case when even reading the user/pass fails ideally …
(edit) @885e563e   2008-09-08T01:10:00Z Miklos Vajna skyped: when sending, encode using utf8 if we can't get the system …
(edit) @7415989   2008-09-06T02:59:03Z Miklos Vajna ignore error if not yet started skyped fails to shut down at this …
(edit) @4b0092e   2008-07-12T20:10:31Z Miklos Vajna skyped: send periodically a 'PING' to the client also ignore the …
(edit) @9627276   2008-05-19T18:22:58Z Miklos Vajna remove no longer used CLIENT_NAME
(edit) @d891915   2008-05-19T18:22:03Z Miklos Vajna allow setting the port from the config file
(edit) @5588f7c4   2008-05-19T13:25:49Z Miklos Vajna don't die on failed handshake
(edit) @bd85ec5   2008-05-16T11:09:24Z Miklos Vajna skyped: close the socket on read/write error - it turns out that once …
(edit) @b0d40f5   2008-04-30T23:57:49Z Miklos Vajna add python-gnutls support and make it default if available - this …
(edit) @4c340e9   2008-04-30T22:17:55Z Miklos Vajna modularize openssl code - so that later we may use gnutls as well (or …
(edit) @140ffc8   2008-04-30T22:07:15Z Miklos Vajna and same for receive: catch any error
(edit) @80dfdce   2008-04-28T11:10:28Z Miklos Vajna catch any error on send (ie SysCallError as well)
(edit) @0fbeef1   2008-04-20T20:40:32Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use gobject.timeout_add() to make it more responsive
(edit) @944a941   2008-04-06T18:39:32Z Miklos Vajna a fix for python-2.4 compatibility - interesting, it has been reported …
(edit) @239b036   2008-02-29T00:42:46Z Miklos Vajna skyped: don't exit when bitlbee disconnects
(edit) @2eb4b1f   2008-02-29T00:34:31Z Miklos Vajna add support for account set -del skype/call to finish an outgoing call
(edit) @1fb0a30   2008-02-23T02:26:04Z Miklos Vajna skyped: remove comment, we use skype4py already
(edit) @3a2a0b2   2008-02-23T02:24:14Z Miklos Vajna kill skype on shutdown
(edit) @e79a94f   2008-02-23T02:17:51Z Miklos Vajna small cleanup
(edit) @6af541d   2008-02-23T02:13:59Z Miklos Vajna skyped: automatically start skype if necessary
(edit) @1b97fc0   2008-02-19T13:13:24Z Miklos Vajna remove unnecessary import of threading from skyped
(edit) @eeeb30e   2008-01-12T21:18:21Z Miklos Vajna skyped: catch KeyboardInterrupts everywhere
(edit) @a74f5b5   2008-01-12T20:34:25Z Miklos Vajna skyped: update copyright year
(edit) @c7304b2   2008-01-12T20:07:10Z Miklos Vajna auth via ssl - move the config file to sysconfdir/skyped/skyped.conf …
(edit) @5245e9d   2008-01-12T01:36:54Z Miklos Vajna skyped: add authentication support this is not yet ssl, but better …
(edit) @7e450c3   2008-01-11T20:29:28Z Miklos Vajna skyped: allow overwriting the host ''
(edit) @05cf927   2007-12-14T00:59:42Z Miklos Vajna fixup for Skype4Py >=
(edit) @a75f2a7   2007-10-06T15:35:55Z Miklos Vajna display received messages in utf8, so that we can avoid most …
(edit) @3922d44   2007-10-06T15:25:21Z Miklos Vajna handle the case when ping fails (ie: timeout)
(edit) @af8675f   2007-09-11T22:11:04Z Miklos Vajna skyped: handle a possible IOError
(edit) @8b3beef   2007-09-05T18:11:28Z Miklos Vajna don't use internal exceptions either
(edit) @5268bd7   2007-09-05T18:04:04Z Miklos Vajna do not use internal functions for receiving messages thanks awahlig
(edit) @bfe5a8a   2007-09-05T18:01:15Z Miklos Vajna do not use internal functions for sending messages thanks awahlig …
(edit) @d86dfb1   2007-09-04T20:20:51Z Miklos Vajna hide the ping/pong from the log, it's just spam also set the ping …
(edit) @52d779e   2007-09-04T19:29:42Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix receiving / sending accents again
(edit) @67496f7   2007-09-04T19:07:31Z Miklos Vajna handle timeouts
(edit) @c15f71a   2007-09-04T16:59:28Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use Skype4Py's X11 api this solves all those weird freezes
(edit) @7613670   2007-09-03T22:22:55Z Miklos Vajna handle the case when the input is a multiline message
(edit) @53b71d3   2007-08-22T17:39:17Z Miklos Vajna bind to, not to localhost
(edit) @43e2e9d   2007-08-21T22:52:53Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix a warning
(edit) @8237df5   2007-08-21T22:33:14Z Miklos Vajna skyped: added daemon code
(edit) @3953172   2007-08-21T21:37:43Z Miklos Vajna skyped: automatically reconnect if skype is restarted well, not 100% …
(edit) @cd3022c   2007-08-21T18:18:08Z Miklos Vajna skyped: added copyright header
(edit) @f932b65   2007-08-20T18:56:46Z Miklos Vajna skyped: some cleanup, no encoding is needed when sending messages
(edit) @a316c4e   2007-08-20T14:50:50Z Miklos Vajna skyped: finish cleanup hopefully no later cosmetics changes will be …
(edit) @94bd28f   2007-08-20T14:26:05Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use tabs bitlbee uses tabs, too
(add) @cb35add   2007-08-20T14:13:04Z Miklos Vajna bitlbeed -> skyped i was crazy when i imported the daemon as bitlbeed..
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