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(edit) @ab165c5   2009-08-31T15:57:00Z Miklos Vajna add -fPIC to CFLAGS see …
(edit) @85ebf71   2008-09-07T22:09:28Z Miklos Vajna add/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig to PKG_CONFIG_PATH automatically if it …
(edit) @89949c7   2008-09-06T14:58:34Z Miklos Vajna clean up osx shared_flags
(edit) @752a591   2008-09-05T19:54:45Z Miklos Vajna make bitlbee dependency optional as well this way it's possible to …
(edit) @ef399c2   2008-09-05T19:54:45Z Miklos Vajna configure: put the nasty error message in config.log where it belongs
(edit) @69939608   2008-09-05T19:54:45Z Miklos Vajna check for the skype4py python module and disable skyped if not available
(edit) @446c6ff   2008-08-07T13:19:34Z Miklos Vajna typo fix for creating the osx plugin
(edit) @b7fbeb4   2008-06-18T17:34:59Z Miklos Vajna configure: match prefix with bitlbee's one otherwise bitlbee won't …
(edit) @ca911b4   2008-06-18T17:15:30Z Miklos Vajna configure: update email
(edit) @aa4e3ed   2008-06-18T17:13:53Z Miklos Vajna echo some config output at the end of configure
(edit) @eb4b91c   2008-06-18T17:13:29Z Miklos Vajna configure: fix "./configure: line 2824: test: too many arguments"
(edit) @df1a59d4   2008-03-07T12:38:58Z Miklos Vajna add support for osx
(edit) @c7304b2   2008-01-12T20:07:10Z Miklos Vajna auth via ssl - move the config file to sysconfdir/skyped/skyped.conf …
(add) @68312b8   2007-08-21T18:46:37Z Miklos Vajna import and
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