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(edit) @e65ceaa   2008-01-12T01:45:59Z Miklos Vajna update doc: pass should now patch in bitlbee and skyped.conf
(edit) @a06a0a5   2008-01-10T16:38:51Z Miklos Vajna todo update
(edit) @f5aedd91   2008-01-10T16:10:10Z Miklos Vajna added default server "localhost"
(edit) @c60b864   2007-12-18T20:04:55Z Miklos Vajna doc update - probably newer python/bitlbee versions work, too - update …
(edit) @6d0b26b   2007-12-16T22:54:36Z Miklos Vajna update doc: git url changed
(edit) @7f93882   2007-12-16T22:38:27Z Miklos Vajna new todo (i think first i need to do it in bitlbee)
(edit) @9834597   2007-12-16T21:10:02Z Miklos Vajna readme: update thanks section
(edit) @fb36492   2007-12-16T03:01:40Z Miklos Vajna update doc: info is implemented time for a release soon..
(edit) @31b4793   2007-12-15T22:24:39Z Miklos Vajna i just noticed we don't support the info command
(edit) @437ddf5   2007-12-14T01:37:27Z Miklos Vajna added "people on #bitlbee" to the thanks section in fact they again …
(edit) @eb39102   2007-12-14T01:26:43Z Miklos Vajna fixed skype4py requirement
(edit) @3d9fd79   2007-12-14T01:13:21Z Miklos Vajna skype2beta tested \o/
(edit) @05cf927   2007-12-14T00:59:42Z Miklos Vajna fixup for Skype4Py >=
(edit) @6e97a7a   2007-12-10T21:42:29Z Miklos Vajna note about "you can run git whereever you want" as requested by timing …
(edit) @2042b56   2007-12-09T21:46:45Z Miklos Vajna typo
(edit) @20994cb   2007-12-09T21:45:35Z Miklos Vajna add a note about no patching is required as today a guy asked on …
(edit) @4eaadf6   2007-12-04T00:23:49Z Miklos Vajna README: added a quote, from the closing mail of the skype ticket
(edit) @23ba69e   2007-11-29T11:46:25Z Miklos Vajna typo in git url
(edit) @c09f90f   2007-11-24T19:32:36Z Miklos Vajna move the skype api doc link to the resources section
(edit) @1138b25   2007-11-24T19:32:23Z Miklos Vajna do not refer to the empty known bugs section
(edit) @d044a5a   2007-11-24T19:14:36Z Miklos Vajna get rid of bzr, there is a tarball version now that works
(edit) @5652d43   2007-11-23T23:46:20Z Miklos Vajna warning fix in skype_chat_with() fix "when you start a group chat, a …
(edit) @eb9cbb8   2007-11-20T17:41:41Z Miklos Vajna link my projects page
(edit) @3d73b02   2007-11-20T16:28:49Z Miklos Vajna fix gitweb url
(edit) @668a122   2007-11-20T16:22:38Z Miklos Vajna less frugalware references
(edit) @cbb5fb7   2007-11-20T09:54:22Z Miklos Vajna doc update: no patching needed again, but a recent snapshot
(edit) @9fcaedc0   2007-11-15T14:24:40Z Miklos Vajna doc: deepcommand on how to apply the patch …
(edit) @7cc31b1   2007-11-11T20:00:48Z Miklos Vajna doc: patch is for bitlbee, not the plugin
(edit) @e103e73   2007-10-30T14:24:56Z Miklos Vajna update documentation for 0.2.1
(edit) @3f1a946   2007-10-29T11:35:52Z Miklos Vajna check out the latest tag before compiling, HEAD won't compile with …
(edit) @760ed1f   2007-10-26T19:30:10Z Miklos Vajna doc update: it is now tested under Windows, too
(edit) @56a3616   2007-10-26T14:02:45Z Miklos Vajna README: update "thanks to" section
(edit) @edf09c6   2007-10-17T23:01:07Z Miklos Vajna docu update about /topic
(edit) @4285920   2007-10-13T23:12:56Z Miklos Vajna doc: update about group/public chats
(edit) @6adca511   2007-10-07T15:13:32Z Miklos Vajna update docu for skype-
(edit) @ff58445   2007-10-07T14:37:34Z Miklos Vajna docu update for recent changes
(edit) @d6a371e   2007-10-07T02:00:52Z Miklos Vajna update documentation
(edit) @2d07803   2007-10-06T16:05:44Z Miklos Vajna handle topic changes
(edit) @df9255d   2007-10-06T15:16:06Z Miklos Vajna notification when somebody wants to transfer a file
(edit) @7e66424   2007-10-06T14:46:59Z Miklos Vajna readme: skype4py has some incompatible changes, mention this …
(edit) @c5dd164   2007-10-03T19:05:43Z Miklos Vajna update group chat status to be honest, today i had to use skype group …
(edit) @25d87e4   2007-09-24T18:36:42Z Miklos Vajna README: link gitweb
(edit) @4c3a4c8   2007-09-24T18:31:39Z Miklos Vajna README: spelling fixes
(edit) @dffa24f   2007-09-07T16:29:03Z Miklos Vajna flame about skype memleaks
(edit) @65e4020   2007-09-05T19:18:23Z Miklos Vajna add a 'thanks' list
(edit) @80d9004   2007-09-05T14:40:09Z Miklos Vajna users should try git before reporting bugs
(edit) @54c269d   2007-09-05T14:34:30Z Miklos Vajna README: a note about why a skype instance is still required
(edit) @22d97b4   2007-09-04T19:51:21Z Miklos Vajna add a new 'requirements' section
(edit) @19b805c   2007-09-04T19:34:26Z Miklos Vajna remove hardwired paths
(edit) @e5c0175   2007-09-04T18:48:47Z Miklos Vajna mention the tested skype version
(edit) @c15f71a   2007-09-04T16:59:28Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use Skype4Py's X11 api this solves all those weird freezes
(edit) @5d1b0774   2007-09-03T22:30:15Z Miklos Vajna support for edited messages
(edit) @dab0f8a   2007-09-03T22:25:57Z Miklos Vajna update TODO
(edit) @9c90281   2007-08-30T22:48:33Z Miklos Vajna README: no more patches are required, wilmer merged them :)
(edit) @846ceffb   2007-08-29T14:30:12Z Miklos Vajna one more idea
(edit) @292be68   2007-08-29T14:23:59Z Miklos Vajna two new ideas
(edit) @b7f7100   2007-08-22T17:46:48Z Miklos Vajna add group chat to TODO
(edit) @b8351a2   2007-08-22T17:44:54Z Miklos Vajna mention the tarballs
(edit) @99426f0   2007-08-22T16:21:13Z Miklos Vajna fix repo url
(edit) @57087df   2007-08-22T00:25:25Z Miklos Vajna oops, missing chmod +x
(edit) @23b84e1   2007-08-22T00:22:52Z Miklos Vajna document the vnc server setup
(edit) @8237df5   2007-08-21T22:33:14Z Miklos Vajna skyped: added daemon code
(edit) @64f8b8ea   2007-08-21T21:42:33Z Miklos Vajna document 3db5410
(edit) @0ac1b3e0   2007-08-21T19:20:16Z Miklos Vajna more todo
(edit) @11eed8f   2007-08-21T19:17:08Z Miklos Vajna mention the fpms
(edit) @2fcad6e   2007-08-21T18:55:32Z Miklos Vajna make install installs skyped
(edit) @8e3058b   2007-08-21T18:51:55Z Miklos Vajna update documentation for buildsystem changes
(edit) @75742cc   2007-08-21T17:51:06Z Miklos Vajna link the api docs
(edit) @56b56478   2007-08-21T17:45:17Z Miklos Vajna typo
(edit) @56e4ac4   2007-08-21T17:44:38Z Miklos Vajna preface
(edit) @b8b0bfd   2007-08-21T17:39:43Z Miklos Vajna mention a bit more patches
(edit) @dd8163e   2007-08-21T16:39:07Z Miklos Vajna block/allow commands needs 0 protocl-specific implementation ;)
(edit) @89332c5   2007-08-21T14:17:33Z Miklos Vajna remove question about imcb_remove_buddy() quoting jabber/iq.c: /* …
(edit) @d3cbd17   2007-08-21T14:10:25Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_buddy_ask()
(edit) @09be265   2007-08-20T22:51:59Z Miklos Vajna new ideas: block/allow
(edit) @348a3a2   2007-08-20T22:38:06Z Miklos Vajna use SET USERSTATUS on login/logout
(edit) @23411c6   2007-08-20T22:00:16Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_set_away()
(edit) @f78f949   2007-08-20T21:27:52Z Miklos Vajna known bugs
(edit) @7e4f0ca1   2007-08-20T20:59:58Z Miklos Vajna more docs
(edit) @6627d92   2007-08-20T20:58:45Z Miklos Vajna implement add/removing contacts
(edit) @a60c3c2   2007-08-20T19:49:00Z Miklos Vajna link the changelog
(edit) @565982f   2007-08-20T19:43:03Z Miklos Vajna no idea how to set states
(edit) @62bb4e4   2007-08-20T18:50:25Z Miklos Vajna mark received messages as read so that skype won't say there are …
(edit) @72f697b   2007-08-20T17:37:56Z Miklos Vajna receiving away status changes done
(edit) @751b149   2007-08-20T17:28:19Z Miklos Vajna more docs
(edit) @218ffbd   2007-08-20T17:26:00Z Miklos Vajna todo: when someone removes us, we just will see that he/she is …
(edit) @a3d6427   2007-08-20T17:25:32Z Miklos Vajna bugfix: we can't join to &bitlbee twice
(edit) @39a0d64   2007-08-20T17:13:24Z Miklos Vajna todo update Noticing joins / parts while we're connected implemented …
(edit) @7338d59   2007-08-20T17:12:23Z Miklos Vajna doc about how to add your account
(edit) @9e03e55   2007-08-20T16:55:31Z Miklos Vajna minor doc fixes
(edit) @0c60f96   2007-08-20T16:45:05Z Miklos Vajna converted README to asciidoc
(edit) @ed2e37f   2007-08-20T16:35:48Z Miklos Vajna more error handling, no more SIGPIPE \o/ :)
(edit) @ba20c39   2007-08-20T14:53:05Z Miklos Vajna document how to start the daemon
(edit) @712a284   2007-08-20T13:57:13Z Miklos Vajna and even more
(edit) @440665b   2007-08-20T13:54:26Z Miklos Vajna more todo
(edit) @afe221f   2007-08-20T13:53:22Z Miklos Vajna README: some more docs, still incomplete
(edit) @8dd21bb   2007-08-20T04:07:16Z Miklos Vajna README: update
(edit) @93ece66   2007-08-20T01:49:06Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_buddy_msg()
(edit) @592f824   2007-08-19T17:39:37Z Miklos Vajna README: cleanup
(edit) @adce2de   2007-08-19T17:35:34Z Miklos Vajna download away statuses
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