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(edit) @79c6f9f   2006-04-25T07:21:49Z wilmer Implemented better quoting for root command arguments. (Support for …
(edit) @f8de26f   2006-04-03T21:34:45Z wilmer Added "add -tmp" command, which you can use to temporary add a buddy …
(edit) @57ef864   2006-04-02T08:29:34Z wilmer Format string problem in cmd_block/allow.
(edit) @e6e1f18   2006-04-01T15:40:55Z wilmer List header for "account list" in mode +b.
(edit) @7d31002   2006-03-31T21:09:36Z wilmer Tested and fixed one issue, and got rid of one more superfluous iconv call.
(edit) @aa5ac01   2006-03-22T17:35:03Z wilmer Restored buddy counts in blist output for +b mode, it's a nice …
(edit) @87b6a3e   2006-03-21T08:35:46Z wilmer The block and allow commands can now display the block/allow lists.
(edit) @aefa533e   2006-03-21T08:12:22Z wilmer Added a special +b usermode for easier parseability of some things. …
(edit) @8365610   2006-01-30T16:07:07Z wilmer Added a little warning message when people use a wrong set-command syntax.
(add) @f73b969   2006-01-20T15:15:49Z wilmer Renamed commands.c, got rid of return values in all command functions.
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