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(edit) @500419b   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: avoid fake MBERS buddy in groupchats
(edit) @e31e5b8   2013-04-20T13:05:55Z wilmer Merging "storage" branch which I wrote long ago. It separates …
(edit) @215e171   2013-03-16T20:31:32Z Miklos Vajna skype: improve support for reading bookmarked chats (#1037)
(edit) @6f360a0   2013-03-16T20:25:35Z Miklos Vajna skype: in groupchats, handle ACTIVEMEMBERS as MEMBERS (#1037)
(edit) @36f6ab3   2013-02-28T07:15:49Z Miklos Vajna skype: add support for fetching full names of buddies
(edit) @9754c2f   2013-02-18T08:42:30Z Miklos Vajna Clean up set_my_name API implementations
(edit) @c7336ba   2013-02-16T14:03:56Z Miklos Vajna skype_buddy_action_list: fix missing hangup in help output
(edit) @61d2eabb   2013-02-14T15:20:00Z Miklos Vajna skype: check for truncated commands on receiving
(edit) @5a0ffa2   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: add newline to all the lines emitted
(edit) @b2dc873   2013-01-19T19:25:19Z Miklos Vajna skype: provide more info about file transfers Till now only a single …
(edit) @2487112   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype_parse_chat: read MEMBERS, not ACTIVEMEMBERS This makes /invite …
(edit) @9ec6b36   2013-01-13T11:41:21Z Miklos Vajna Update my email
(edit) @e1d6b38   2013-01-01T16:04:34Z Miklos Vajna skype: make checkpatch happy again (cosmetics)
(edit) @7764fb1   2013-01-01T15:44:31Z Miklos Vajna skype: support setting mood text Requested by martinc on IRC.
(edit) @3c7af69   2012-12-29T10:44:24Z Miklos Vajna skype: make it not hang with >= Sadly reading users of larger …
(edit) @bb5ce568   2012-06-07T22:41:17Z wilmer s/ACC_SET_NOSAVE/SET_NOSAVE/.
(edit) @58b65b33   2012-04-12T21:27:54Z Miklos Vajna skype: use ssl_disconnect instead of closesocket Also call …
(edit) @85341dd   2012-01-27T23:25:13Z Miklos Vajna skype: properly display multiple about lines Previously we printed …
(edit) @7c2daf5f   2012-01-27T23:16:15Z Miklos Vajna skype: don't crash in skype_parse_user() if the user has multiple …
(edit) @a72dc2b   2011-12-19T17:57:20Z wilmer Add verify argument to ssl_connect() so HTTPS-based stuff is also …
(edit) @486ddb5   2011-12-19T14:50:58Z wilmer Initial merge of tls_verify patch from AopicieR.
(edit) @ff18fc1   2011-08-27T10:30:48Z wilmer Fix #820, make Skype mod compile on NetBSD. (I haven't personally …
(edit) @bd11422   2011-06-15T12:18:49Z hrubi13 Free skype groupchats on logout
(edit) @c573f1b   2011-06-15T12:18:16Z hrubi13 Don't create new channel when skype groupchat turns from DIALOG to …
(edit) @17dd2ed   2011-06-15T12:13:58Z hrubi13 Fix crash on inviting people to skype groupchats
(add) @43b1cd7   2011-04-12T00:10:57Z Miklos Vajna Merge bitlbee-skype into bitlbee
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