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(edit) @6042a54   2012-10-19T23:38:33Z wilmer Massive cleanup in OSCAR.
(edit) @b041b52   2011-12-06T21:50:43Z wilmer Merging compiler warning fixes from vmiklos. This change also …
(edit) @d18db32f   2011-12-06T00:53:26Z Miklos Vajna oscar: unused-but-set-variables
(edit) @43462708   2008-01-06T12:37:55Z wilmer More consistency in error/warning errors. Until now "WARNING:" was …
(edit) @84b045d   2007-04-16T01:03:08Z wilmer s/imc/imcb/ for callback functions. Moved things aroundin nogaim.h a …
(edit) @aef4828   2007-04-06T05:20:31Z wilmer More cleanups, mainly in the callbacks. Replaced things like …
(edit) @0da65d5   2007-03-31T05:40:45Z wilmer s/gaim_connection/im_connection/ and some other minor API changes. The …
(edit) @d3a672c   2006-08-04T13:56:53Z wilmer Added a per-account web_aware setting for ICQ connections.
(edit) @dd89a55   2006-05-15T17:57:12Z wilmer Fixed various memory leaks/other possible problems after code review.
(edit) @e6d6047   2006-04-03T20:21:35Z wilmer Added/Fixed calls to show_got_added() in all IM-modules, now to fill …
(edit) @68c7c14   2006-01-23T14:20:36Z wilmer Removed a bogus printf from the OSCAR code, grrrr.
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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