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(edit) @4d89886   2006-04-14T06:18:23Z wilmer Removed import_buddies message.
(edit) @c99af3a   2006-04-13T07:30:11Z wilmer Removed account_offline(), we have signoff() already.
(edit) @88b3a07   2006-04-13T07:15:42Z wilmer Cleaned up two more functions from nogaim.
(edit) @7bf0f5f0   2006-04-07T09:22:48Z wilmer Filled in show_got_added().
(edit) @e6d6047   2006-04-03T20:21:35Z wilmer Added/Fixed calls to show_got_added() in all IM-modules, now to fill …
(edit) @e27661d   2006-03-31T17:55:47Z wilmer Finished the iconv() fix. Instead of doing it every time something …
(edit) @9b8a38b   2006-03-22T18:22:41Z wilmer Buddy group data is now stored in the user_t structure.
(edit) @7b07dc6   2006-03-21T08:36:10Z wilmer Fixed ugliness in serv_got_crap().
(edit) @19a6c75   2006-03-21T08:19:01Z wilmer Added Hidden and Invisible to the away state aliases list.
(edit) @61dddd0   2006-03-18T08:33:33Z wilmer Fixed #111, Jabber away states get set correctly at connect-time now.
(edit) @84c1a0a   2006-03-15T19:19:16Z wilmer Small code cleanup, got rid of some functions in nogaim.c that we …
(edit) @4bfca70   2005-12-17T00:48:35Z Jelmer Vernooij Add variable for plugindir rather then always using the define
(edit) @703f0f7   2005-12-14T01:17:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my pluginable branch
(edit) @019c031   2005-12-04T21:55:15Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Wilmer
(edit) @d636233   2005-12-04T15:12:32Z wilmer Oops... :-( 1.0
(edit) @e7f46c5   2005-12-04T12:58:41Z root Implements solution to typing notifications in ticket #45
(edit) @25d1be7   2005-12-04T00:48:57Z wilmer do_error_dialog shouldn't do NULL dereferences anymore, and TYPING …
(edit) @f1df064   2005-12-02T23:41:57Z wilmer Oops... A very small typo caused very weird problems in the line …
(edit) @65e2ce1   2005-11-28T23:27:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Disable plugin support by default, support compilation with non-C99 …
(edit) @b20b32f   2005-11-28T01:14:06Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Wilmer
(edit) @dfde8e0   2005-11-26T02:24:38Z wilmer Messages specific to a connection only mention the handle now if …
(edit) @30f248a   2005-11-26T02:02:38Z wilmer Lowered the line splitting limit a bit (and made it a bit prettier by …
(edit) @df618475   2005-11-20T21:02:18Z wilmer Incoming typing notices are now sent as a CTCP. Better consistency. …
(edit) @2cdd8ce   2005-11-19T15:17:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge Wilmer
(edit) @94281ef   2005-11-19T11:54:01Z wilmer Oops, even BitlBee didn't know yet that channel names can start with …
(edit) @c572dd6   2005-11-18T12:41:58Z wilmer HTML stripping is optional again (but still safer than before 0.93), …
(edit) @5c09a59   2005-11-15T23:16:39Z wilmer Got rid of raw B's in source, Replaced most irc_usermsg() calls in …
(edit) @c998255   2005-11-15T14:57:38Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Jelmer
(edit) @9cb9868   2005-11-15T14:47:17Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove handle_cmp() replacing it by a protocol-specific function.
(edit) @b135438   2005-11-15T13:20:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge changes from Wilmer
(edit) @06045f6   2005-11-12T14:18:55Z wilmer Fixed inconsistency (in fact stupidity) in do_error_dialog().
(edit) @7b23afd   2005-11-07T16:16:18Z Jelmer Vernooij Migrate my pluginable branch to use Wilmers' branch as parent
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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