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(edit) @d6657ce   2010-09-05T23:30:40Z wilmer Fix NULL pointer dereference when removing nicks from groupchats.
(edit) @1aa74f55   2010-08-23T10:34:36Z wilmer Process incoming XMPP groupchat invites in a saner way: Create a …
(edit) @ad404ab   2010-06-03T00:20:53Z wilmer Restore add_* handle_unknown settings.
(edit) @eaaa986   2010-05-08T14:48:38Z wilmer Misc. cleanup. Also updated the Yahoo! module to deal with struct …
(edit) @9e27f18   2010-05-08T13:11:09Z wilmer Support for receiving chatroom topics. Since I didn't restore named …
(edit) @d343eaa   2010-05-08T12:37:49Z wilmer Restored imcb_chat_name_hint().
(edit) @a87754b   2010-05-08T01:02:12Z wilmer Restored support for outgoing messages. This code is all so much saner …
(edit) @b17ce85   2010-05-08T00:45:10Z wilmer Users leaving really show up again.
(edit) @27e2c66   2010-05-08T00:25:15Z wilmer Support for receiving messages in chatrooms.
(add) @f1a0890   2010-05-07T23:41:49Z wilmer Would be nice to include bee_chat.c in the repo…
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