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(edit) @5ebff60   2015-02-20T22:50:54Z dx Reindent everything to K&R style with tabs Used uncrustify, with the …
(edit) @6f10697   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Fix incorrect Free Software Foundation address
(edit) @c347a12   2013-08-02T20:55:16Z pesco timer cleanup and "other instance" error message
(edit) @81265e0   2013-08-01T15:47:48Z pesco make otr compile with libotr 4.0.0, minimal functionality
(edit) @934db064   2010-09-01T22:09:27Z wilmer Do encryption and decryption. Somehow SMP and other things aren't …
(edit) @0c85c08   2010-08-31T23:18:21Z wilmer Pluginify this thing a little bit. Not so much in the dynamically …
(edit) @8358691   2010-08-31T20:05:36Z wilmer Added root_command_add() and use it to create the "otr" command.
(edit) @59ab2af   2008-02-17T02:21:11Z sm fix compilation without otr support
(edit) @ba5add7   2008-02-17T01:39:39Z sm explicitly initialize ssl in order to avoid gnutls and libotr fighting …
(edit) @3064ea4   2008-02-16T15:20:58Z sm rework keygen messages and add some notices
(edit) @dc9797f   2008-02-16T13:24:44Z sm keep track of which keys are queued for generation
(edit) @6c91e6e   2008-02-15T00:45:21Z sm otr_load error handling + stonedcoder copyright notice
(edit) @0529a7f   2008-02-12T00:08:43Z sm bugfix for compiling with otr disabled
(edit) @e2b15bb   2008-02-12T00:01:35Z sm - add global policy setting - add copyright and author notices to …
(add) @764c7d1   2008-02-03T21:30:03Z sm OTR support, first checkin
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