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(edit) @e3e2059   2015-04-06T12:35:57Z dx irc: split bee_irc_chat_name_hint in a few functions Also split …
(edit) @5ebff60   2015-02-20T22:50:54Z dx Reindent everything to K&R style with tabs Used uncrustify, with the …
(edit) @6f10697   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Fix incorrect Free Software Foundation address
(edit) @c608891   2013-04-23T16:20:06Z wilmer Simple (and possibly still fragile) support for UTF-8 nicknames.
(edit) @e277e80   2013-04-20T22:50:31Z wilmer Add irc_t* argument to all relevant nick_*() functions.
(edit) @b1f818b   2010-07-11T12:21:59Z wilmer Use bee_user structs in all nick_* functions. Prepare for a nick_get() …
(edit) @d06eabf   2007-06-04T13:22:05Z wilmer Added imcb_buddy_nick_hint so the Jabber conference module can suggest …
(edit) @d323394c   2007-04-20T04:49:30Z wilmer New code to use nicknames stored in ICQ contact lists.
(edit) @5b52a48   2006-07-03T21:22:45Z wilmer Implemented per-account nick lists instead of per-protocol nick lists. …
(edit) @703f0f7   2005-12-14T01:17:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my pluginable branch
(edit) @1eddf6b   2005-12-08T12:30:43Z Jelmer Vernooij Add some const
(edit) @7b23afd   2005-11-07T16:16:18Z Jelmer Vernooij Migrate my pluginable branch to use Wilmers' branch as parent
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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