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(edit) @f7cc734   2018-07-31T04:41:25Z dx irc: implement server-time capability
(edit) @345577b   2015-10-30T10:27:20Z dx IRC self-message support (messages sent by yourself from other …
(edit) @5ebff60   2015-02-20T22:50:54Z dx Reindent everything to K&R style with tabs Used uncrustify, with the …
(edit) @6b13103   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Replace isdigit/isalpha/.../tolower/toupper with glib variants This …
(edit) @6f10697   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Fix incorrect Free Software Foundation address
(edit) @a4cdf43   2010-05-01T14:19:09Z wilmer Same fix like 566 in mainline: tm_mon + 1 to get the right month in …
(add) @21c87a7   2010-04-14T09:27:50Z wilmer Merging loads of stuff from mainline.
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