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(edit) @56699f0   2010-06-07T15:11:09Z wilmer Show idle + login time info in /WHOIS (if available).
(edit) @1f0224c   2010-06-06T01:11:13Z wilmer Send one /QUIT instead of one or more /PARTs for a user that is being …
(edit) @18da20b   2010-06-06T00:33:33Z wilmer Added /part msgs, and the ability to silently remove users from …
(edit) @eb50495   2010-05-04T08:45:10Z wilmer Show offline/away status better in /WHO and /WHOIS.
(edit) @6a9d068   2010-05-03T00:39:39Z wilmer Restore away_devoice.
(edit) @e54112f   2010-05-02T23:44:33Z wilmer Put a channel userlist in irc_channel_user elements so we can save …
(edit) @e7edbb7   2010-04-14T22:56:19Z wilmer Don't show an empty status message line in /whois if status_msg is "". …
(edit) @7b59872   2010-04-13T00:04:55Z wilmer Support for simple VERSION/PING CTCPs to root.
(edit) @e21c0f8   2010-04-11T23:31:43Z wilmer Always show root's greeting inside the control channel.
(edit) @d986463   2010-04-11T22:31:15Z wilmer Show status msg in /WHOIS, using a hopefully more proper 320 numeric reply.
(edit) @8240840   2010-04-11T22:22:17Z wilmer Don't send the topic at join time if there is none. This seems to be …
(edit) @0b5cc72   2010-04-05T00:39:04Z wilmer Send nickname change notifications when necessary.
(edit) @1d39159   2010-04-05T00:18:24Z wilmer Get full names properly. Handling of nick_source setting and …
(edit) @6761a40   2010-03-28T02:44:19Z wilmer Restored multi-line message support.
(edit) @410bf6d   2010-03-27T18:10:03Z wilmer Fixed bug in /WHO $channel output.
(edit) @74f1cde   2010-03-27T18:05:38Z wilmer irc_usermsg() works a little bit again. Have to figure out how and …
(edit) @280c56a   2010-03-27T17:36:47Z wilmer Added privmsg handlers to users/channels. root commands are coming back.
(edit) @2f53ada   2010-03-27T15:16:16Z wilmer /WHO
(edit) @83e92bf   2010-03-27T12:30:00Z wilmer Topic handling changes.
(edit) @b95932e   2010-03-27T03:39:23Z wilmer Added WHOIS command.
(edit) @4be8239   2010-03-27T02:39:08Z wilmer Simple IRC channel interface, use it to represent the control channel.
(add) @ebaebfe   2010-03-27T01:57:00Z wilmer PING and QUIT work now, and adding some files that weren't checked in …
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