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(edit) @135271c   2016-06-12T08:34:56Z dx debian: install systemd units and use dh_systemd I'm using the …
(edit) @0375dba   2016-05-30T13:37:26Z Jelmer Vernooij Unicodify my lastname.
(edit) @ae6e855   2016-05-30T13:37:26Z Jelmer Vernooij Bump standards version to 3.9.8 (no changes).
(edit) @5ac5658   2016-05-30T13:37:26Z Jelmer Vernooij Don't start synopsis with an article.
(edit) @d3b99b6   2016-05-15T18:36:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix Vcs-* control headers after migration to Git.
(edit) @81d40fe   2015-06-01T17:37:19Z zer0def Revert "Provides" "fix" in debian control file.
(edit) @6191263   2015-05-28T07:45:09Z zer0def Fixes 'Provides' in debian control file
(edit) @09bd226   2015-05-18T02:23:56Z dx Include prebuilt skyped manpage, remove asciidoc dependency
(edit) @70e68cf   2015-05-09T07:42:16Z wilmer Make the bitlbee-libpurple package provide the bitlbee package, so …
(edit) @1fa5109   2015-01-28T05:13:02Z dx debian: bitlbee-dev depends either bitlbee or bitlbee-libpurple
(edit) @9bf02f8   2014-09-21T10:32:59Z dx Support building against libgnutls28-dev. Closes: #753020
(edit) @d397000   2014-07-19T23:32:12Z Jelmer Vernooij Use my Debian e-mail address in Uploaders.
(edit) @ea2828f   2014-07-19T23:19:45Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed header.
(edit) @77fc1708   2014-07-19T23:19:32Z Jelmer Vernooij * Non-maintainer upload. * Bump standards version to 3.9.5 (no changes).
(edit) @1d20e4d   2014-07-06T08:16:04Z wilmer Remove libotr2-dev Debian dependency which couldn't possibly work at all.
(edit) @cb16fe9   2013-12-19T00:16:26Z wilmer 3.2.1-1 Debian package. 3.2.1+otr4-13.2.1-1
(edit) @a8aa823   2013-12-07T12:49:28Z wilmer Ugly: Bogus dependency on libotr2-dev, but adding a warning to the …
(edit) @434a2d0   2013-12-05T09:20:22Z wilmer Exchange libotr 2.x compatibility for libotr 3.x compatibility, …
(edit) @addad71   2012-10-30T23:28:42Z wilmer Debian packaging changes: Depend on different gnutls dev package.
(edit) @256164c   2011-12-20T11:18:30Z wilmer Merging Debian 3.0.3-1.1 changes.
(edit) @6c0fe9b   2011-12-20T09:57:35Z wilmer Build skyped as arch=all, and don't build it by default. Debian has …
(edit) @57a6eb5f   2011-12-11T17:50:35Z wilmer Added direct dependency to bitlbee-common since Lintian really really … 3.0.4-1
(edit) @8b39b1a   2011-12-10T22:54:12Z wilmer asciidoc dependency to build Skype docs.
(edit) @57da960   2011-12-10T22:43:10Z wilmer Skype module packaging.
(edit) @83f1bd1d   2010-12-07T23:24:32Z wilmer Tweak Debian package description for bitlbee-libpurple: No whining …
(edit) @5020ef6   2010-10-25T14:43:20Z aelmahmoudy * debian/control: Bumped debhelper version to 6.0.7~ for dh_lintian
(edit) @1c12811   2010-10-25T12:42:19Z aelmahmoudy * debian/control: Moved dependency on adduser to bitlbee-common * …
(edit) @6e0e283   2010-10-25T12:21:23Z aelmahmoudy Added ${misc:Depends} for bitlbee & bitlbee-libpurple
(edit) @56ff331   2010-10-25T12:18:43Z aelmahmoudy * debian/control: Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.1 * Create changelog …
(edit) @724dfce   2010-10-25T11:56:45Z aelmahmoudy Corrected short description of bitlbee-plugin-otr
(edit) @9a0ee1a   2010-10-23T23:29:43Z wilmer Adding bitlbee-common dependency since Lintian doesn't understand …
(edit) @27b407f   2010-10-09T18:28:33Z wilmer Added Debian packaging for OTR plugin. It's built by default but this …
(edit) @f7d12f7   2010-08-05T20:20:44Z wilmer Some fixes for compiler warnings that only show up when compiling with …
(edit) @560d0a0   2010-06-06T19:01:14Z wilmer Some more fixes to make this work with older distros (Hardy's stuck …
(edit) @1fdb0a4   2010-06-05T23:26:07Z wilmer Merging mainline.
(edit) @e774815   2010-06-05T17:43:38Z wilmer Updated short descriptions and fixed po-debconf files.
(edit) @4772500   2010-06-05T17:35:39Z wilmer Put in the necessary hacks to make version number spoofing work again.
(edit) @4c03881   2010-06-05T16:39:58Z wilmer Remaining fixes: All looks good now, apt and dpkg seem to do the right …
(edit) @095a5f0   2010-06-05T14:47:54Z wilmer Redid debian/rules using debhelper, with good results. This creates …
(edit) @907afe1   2010-05-19T20:01:33Z wilmer Minor doc update.
(edit) @c521362   2010-04-24T17:04:28Z wilmer libpurple-dev build dependency.
(edit) @b6dd429   2009-06-07T19:13:55Z wilmer Fixed bitlbee.deb dep in bitlbee-dev to deal with binary NMUs.
(edit) @d419073   2008-06-17T21:58:15Z wilmer Merging 1.2-5 Debian package.
(edit) @945eb1e   2008-06-15T21:20:20Z Jelmer Vernooij Add myself to uploaders, bump standards version to 3.8.0.
(edit) @783e9b7   2008-05-21T10:28:34Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge trunk.
(edit) @a8d28d9   2008-05-11T12:19:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Add homepage and vcs-bzr fields in Debian package.
(edit) @46d4230   2008-05-08T05:43:53Z wilmer Added bitlbee-dev package, finalized 1.2-4 package. 1.2-4
(edit) @379c08a   2008-03-21T00:27:24Z wilmer Updated/Fixed Debian package. 1.2-1
(edit) @19a8088   2007-07-05T23:36:48Z wilmer Adding debian/ tree to the repository again. Updated it to include all …
(edit) @2d99c97   2005-11-09T01:03:52Z wilmer Let's not keep debian/ in bzr.
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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