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(edit) @003553b   2008-01-19T18:23:56Z wilmer Using test -f instead of test -e. This breaks if the include files are …
(edit) @43462708   2008-01-06T12:37:55Z wilmer More consistency in error/warning errors. Until now "WARNING:" was …
(edit) @911cc4f   2007-12-02T17:24:46Z wilmer Defining DEBUG via CFLAGS so that it'll always be there, even when a …
(edit) @56f260a   2007-11-22T22:56:52Z wilmer Some changes to get rid of compiler warnings. (And disabling strict …
(edit) @e9b755e   2007-10-18T16:44:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Use standard functions for dealing with both IPv6 and IPv4.
(edit) @285b55d   2007-10-10T22:45:19Z wilmer configure script now allows one to override CFLAGS. (Bug #171)
(edit) @2abfbc5   2007-08-30T22:17:51Z wilmer From vmiklos: Added --plugins= option to configure script.
(edit) @1da00b1   2007-07-14T23:47:38Z wilmer Hiding LDAP support because it doesn't actually work at all ATM.
(edit) @0fd8559   2007-02-18T17:48:04Z wilmer Merging new Jabber module. See the massive changelog for all the cool …
(edit) @8de63c3   2007-02-18T17:37:54Z wilmer AIX fixup. See #230.
(edit) @5c5a586   2007-02-18T17:05:29Z wilmer configure script tweaks.
(edit) @d8d63a2   2006-12-05T20:40:17Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] wilmer
(edit) @e8a6211   2006-10-22T17:00:15Z wilmer Merge from main tree.
(edit) @670204f   2006-10-22T12:43:40Z wilmer Copied 1.0.x changelogs, disabled LDAP support in configure (because …
(edit) @36e9f62   2006-10-07T17:46:28Z wilmer Added SRV lookups to automatically find out the correct server for a …
(edit) @66b9e86e   2006-07-07T13:33:31Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for checking test suite coverage using gcov.
(edit) @b3c467b   2006-06-28T09:59:33Z wilmer Cleaned up Makefiles + configure: Cleaning up bitlbee.pc, removed the …
(edit) @fd03770   2006-06-25T19:43:14Z wilmer Merging from devel/Jelmer.
(edit) @df1694b   2006-06-25T12:15:42Z wilmer Moving all generic files to lib/ instead of having some in / and some …
(edit) @10efa91   2006-06-17T11:39:17Z wilmer Fixed bug in LDAP Makefile generation.
(edit) @85e9644   2006-06-07T13:36:19Z wilmer Merging Jelmer's storage tree (with LDAP support).
(edit) @5973412   2006-06-03T20:52:40Z Jelmer Vernooij Try to detect -lldap
(edit) @9779c18   2006-06-03T20:20:43Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] Wilmer
(edit) @4ff0966   2006-05-28T23:13:47Z wilmer Merging from main/jelmer.
(edit) @68b518d6   2006-05-26T09:03:38Z wilmer Merging from main development tree.
(edit) @574af7e   2006-05-25T23:20:54Z Jelmer Vernooij Require GLib 2
(edit) @0a69d7b   2006-05-25T09:53:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Use iconv from GLib if available
(edit) @85cf37f   2006-05-14T10:32:21Z wilmer Added --events= flag to configure.
(edit) @a014331   2006-03-30T17:14:38Z wilmer Made configure quiet when it can't find bzr, and added repository nick …
(edit) @f32d557   2006-03-24T15:53:29Z Jelmer Vernooij Switch from LDB to LDAP (LDB's authentication subsystem is not mature …
(edit) @96ace1b   2006-03-05T20:07:33Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] Wilmer
(edit) @e506d6c   2006-03-02T11:38:33Z Jelmer Vernooij Install bitlbee's header files and a pkg-config file. This means that …
(edit) @6dff9d4   2006-03-01T21:08:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Also listen for admin connections on a unix domain socket at …
(edit) @f665dab   2006-02-12T08:02:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Initial work on new LDB-based storage backend
(edit) @34b17d9   2006-02-02T13:21:44Z wilmer Added PID-file code.
(edit) @4fe4be2   2006-01-10T14:20:48Z wilmer Removed send-flood protection code completely.
(edit) @ffea9b9   2005-12-26T12:41:29Z wilmer configure now uses the bzr revision number as version number if …
(edit) @00f434f   2005-12-18T14:28:52Z wilmer Stuff from Jelmer.
(edit) @b5a22e3   2005-12-17T16:55:18Z wilmer Forgot to update configure for the _mod change.
(edit) @54c5ca1   2005-12-17T12:38:07Z wilmer Hmmm, a WARNING followed by "exit 1".. That doesn't really make sense.
(edit) @32c632f   2005-12-17T01:00:38Z Jelmer Vernooij Allow overriding the pkg-config command to run
(edit) @019c031   2005-12-04T21:55:15Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Wilmer
(edit) @8d6c4b1   2005-12-04T02:43:03Z wilmer Cleaned up configure script a bit.
(edit) @e5663e0   2005-12-01T20:05:09Z wilmer Disabling send flood protection, too many bugs (that were there from …
(edit) @ac55e50   2005-11-29T00:52:14Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge small fix.
(edit) @f712188   2005-11-28T22:00:51Z Jelmer Vernooij Add HAVE_CONFIG_H define so other platforms can build without config.h
(edit) @7b23afd   2005-11-07T16:16:18Z Jelmer Vernooij Migrate my pluginable branch to use Wilmers' branch as parent
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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