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(edit) @04026d4   2006-07-15T17:26:13Z wilmer Fixed a broken call to set_get() (CRASH), shut up a compiler warning …
(edit) @00a5270   2006-07-14T18:24:59Z wilmer Added a per-connection auto_reconnect setting.
(edit) @5b52a48   2006-07-03T21:22:45Z wilmer Implemented per-account nick lists instead of per-protocol nick lists. …
(edit) @96863f6   2006-07-02T09:49:31Z wilmer Added protocol-specific settings, made the server setting specific to …
(edit) @fef6116   2006-07-01T19:17:42Z wilmer Fixed check in set_eval_account() and merging from main (better NAMES …
(edit) @5100caa   2006-07-01T15:52:05Z wilmer Added "account set" command.
(edit) @0a3c243   2006-06-30T23:18:56Z wilmer Got rid of struct aim_user (now using account_t everywhere). Needs …
(edit) @2b14eef   2006-06-20T22:14:46Z wilmer Implemented handling of autoconnect attribute.
(edit) @a312b6b   2006-06-07T11:25:46Z wilmer Added storage_xml.c
(edit) @3edaed9   2006-04-25T17:57:23Z wilmer Misc. things (mainly code cleanup, better quoting for root commands)
(edit) @c99af3a   2006-04-13T07:30:11Z wilmer Removed account_offline(), we have signoff() already.
(edit) @85616c3   2006-04-08T14:37:49Z wilmer Added $proto($handle) account matching to account_get().
(edit) @547f937   2005-12-14T11:15:04Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove statement that couldn't be executed anyway
(edit) @7b23afd   2005-11-07T16:16:18Z Jelmer Vernooij Migrate my pluginable branch to use Wilmers' branch as parent
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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