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(edit) @f3b6764   2010-07-09T23:39:25Z wilmer Only available in ForkDaemon mode for now: If a user connects (and …
(edit) @b556e46   2010-07-09T23:25:07Z wilmer Merging main ui-fix.
(edit) @c5bff81   2010-07-09T23:24:23Z wilmer More state consistency checks/error handling.
(edit) @debe871   2010-07-09T21:06:38Z wilmer Inform IPC master about nick changes.
(edit) @9595d2b   2010-07-09T08:25:25Z wilmer Also sync umodes.
(edit) @f545372   2010-07-08T23:10:43Z wilmer Ask for confirmation. Generally working fairly well now, but …
(edit) @9a9b520   2010-07-08T22:31:01Z wilmer Allow nick changes if they're only different in capitalisation, fixed …
(edit) @0b09da0   2010-07-06T23:10:17Z wilmer It works! Fragile like hell though, and without any confirmation or …
(edit) @6c2404e   2010-07-06T21:44:52Z wilmer First part of the handshake, including sending a file descriptor to …
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