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(edit) @bcd8f52   2019-10-31T19:42:53Z dx .travis.yml: fix dpkg-buildpackage with quilt format This adds the -b …
(edit) @3407119   2019-10-31T19:41:54Z dx .travis.yml: update from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 Still keeping it old …
(edit) @ac3b8ff   2018-03-19T17:02:01Z dx debian: remove skype plugin stuff
(edit) @861de54   2017-10-05T06:16:17Z dx travis: require ubuntu precise explicitly, install more deps
(edit) @50bb490   2016-03-25T18:07:53Z dennis ldap authentication backend We only support the openldap scheme for …
(edit) @a6005da   2016-03-25T18:07:53Z dennis Linux pam authentication backend This backend authenticates users …
(edit) @4850065   2015-08-08T02:16:59Z dx travis: Switch to container based infrastructure This means faster …
(edit) @c42d991   2015-05-29T22:17:50Z dx skyped: add _SRCDIR_ to makefile, test build in travis
(edit) @09bd226   2015-05-18T02:23:56Z dx Include prebuilt skyped manpage, remove asciidoc dependency
(edit) @8cbe2b6   2015-05-17T04:32:33Z dx travis: remove some deps
(edit) @91f06e5   2015-02-22T22:44:34Z dx Add coverity_scan addon to .travis.yml
(edit) @95e17fc   2015-01-25T21:30:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Run 'make check' from travis.
(add) @e26aa72   2015-01-25T05:00:06Z dx Add git specific stuff! - A few build system tweaks - A fancy …
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