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Some doc fixes, removing a % that was never supposed to be at the end of
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  • doc/CHANGES

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    6 Version 1.3dev:
    7 - For the first time since 2007, a dev snapshot. Like then, this is pretty
    8   stable already (running on for weeks by now), but not
    9   all planned features for the next major release are ready yet, and there
    10   may be some rough edges in the interface and documentation.
    11 - Loads of new stuff, mostly ready for a new major release, but starting with
    12   a dev snapshot. A few changes that were planned for a long time already:
     7- Important: This version drops backward compatibility with the file format
     8  used for user settings in versions before 1.2. If you're upgrading from
     9  very old BitlBee versions (like 1.0.x), you'll have to recreate your
     10  BitlBee account - or use an 1.2.x BitlBee once to do the conversion.
    1311- Rewrote the IRC core, which brings:
    1412  * Support for multiple (control) channels, so you can have one channel per
    5856- Updated Yahoo! module to be in sync again with libyahoo2. This mostly
    5957  fixes issues with authorization requests.
    61 Finished 6 Aug 2010
     58- Show if a contact is mobile or not. See "help set mobile_is_away".
     59- Easier handling of XMPP chatroom invitations.
     60- The chatroom mode of the Twitter module is now enabled by default, since
     61  this was by far the most popular. To disable it, see "help set mode".
     62- Added some Twitter-specific commands that can only be used in the Twitter
     63  window. Most important addition: Retweets. See "help set commands".
     64- Removed some ancient account/nick migration scripts and added one for
     65  easier switching from Pidgin and other libpurple-based clients to BitlBee.
     66- Many bug fixes in both the core and IM modules, small feature enhancements
     67  and other minor changes.
     69Finished ...
    6371Version 1.2.8:
  • doc/FAQ

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    6262   These days, we replaced the Yahoo! code with libyahoo2 (which is a
    6363   separate Yahoo! module. It's derived from Gaim, but separately
    64    maintained) and wrote our own MSN module. More modules are probably going
    65    to be changed, so in the near future, the API might be the only thing
    66    left from Gaim.
    68 Q: What's that Gaim doing in BitlBee error messages and my Jabber resource?
    69 A: Ah, well, as you probably know we use some of Gaim's IM-modules, and we
    70    don't think it's worth our time to do a search-and-replace over the whole
    71    source to get rid of every reference to Gaim. In fact, we don't want to,
    72    since we don't want to pretend we wrote all that code.
     64   maintained) and wrote our own MSN, Jabber and Twitter modules from
     65   scratch. Most of the API has also been changed, so by now the only traces
     66   of Gaim left are in the "nogaim" filename.
    74    About Jabber: If you want a different resource string, you can set it
    75    when logging in by appending it to your Jabber ID, like:
     68   There is good news for Gaim (or now Pidgin, of course) fans though:
     69   BitlBee can now be compiled to use libpurple for all IM interactions.
     70   This makes BitlBee a bit more resource-hungry, but adds support for many
     71   IM protocols/networks that couldn't be used from BitlBee so far.
  • doc/README

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    6767platform. Any recent version of GLib (2.4 or higher) will work.
    69 These days, MSN Messenger clients have to connect to the MS Passport servers
    70 through HTTPS. BitlBee can use several SSL libraries for this: GnuTLS, NSS
    71 (which comes with Mozilla) and OpenSSL. OpenSSL is not GPL-compatible in some
    72 situations, so using GnuTLS or NSS is preferred. However, especially on *BSD,
    73 OpenSSL can be considered part of the operating system, which eliminates the
    74 GPL incompatibility.
     69These days, many IM protocols use SSL/TLS connections (for authentication
     70or for the whole session). BitlBee can use several SSL libraries for this:
     71GnuTLS, NSS (which comes with Mozilla) and OpenSSL. OpenSSL is not GPL-
     72compatible in some situations, so using GnuTLS is preferred. However,
     73especially on *BSD, OpenSSL can be considered part of the operating system,
     74which eliminates the GPL incompatibility.
    7676The incompatibility is also the reason why the SSL library detection code
  • motd.txt

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    1818... Buzzing, haha, get it?
    19 %
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