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Alright, let's try a dev snapshot.

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    66Version 1.3dev:
     7- For the first time since 2007, a dev snapshot. Like then, this is pretty
     8  stable already (running on for weeks by now), but not
     9  all planned features for the next major release are ready yet, and there
     10  may be some rough edges in the interface and documentation.
    711- Loads of new stuff, mostly ready for a new major release, but starting with
    812  a dev snapshot. A few changes that were planned for a long time already:
    2731  * The nick_source setting was replaced with a nick_format setting, which
    2832    looks more or less like a format string, and lets you tweak how nicknames
    29     for contacts are generated in more detail.
     33    for contacts are generated in more detail. It also tries to convert non-
     34    ASCII characters (i.e. accents) properly.
    3035  * A per-channel show_users setting lets you configure exactly which kinds
    3136    of contacts (online/away/offline) should show up in a channel and what
    32     modes (none/voice/etc) they should have.
     37    modes (none/voice/etc) they should have. Like show_offline, but together
     38    with other new features it can for example create an &offline channel
     39    with just offline contacts.
    3340  * If you connect (and identify) to a BitlBee server you're already
    3441    connected to, you can take over the existing session instead of starting
    4249  * This is and will always be optional and using it on public servers is
    4350    *not* recommended. It should be pretty stable, but costs more RAM/etc.
    44   * When using this variant, type "help purple" to get a list of supported
    45     protocols.
     51  * Switching to libpurple should be pretty transparent. See "help purple"
     52    for a list of supported protocols (works only in libpurple-enabled
     53    binaries).
    4654- Support for file transfers, in and out. /DCC SEND a file to a contact and
    4755  it becomes a file transfer, and incoming file transfers become /DCC SENDs
    4856  to you. Note that this is mostly useful when combined with libpurple, as
    4957  only the Jabber native protocol module currently supports file transfers.
    51 Finished ... 2010
     58- Updated Yahoo! module to be in sync again with libyahoo2. This mostly
     59  fixes issues with authorization requests.
     61Finished 6 Aug 2010
    5363Version 1.2.8:
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