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    11This ChangeLog mostly lists changes relevant to users. A full log can be
    2 found in the bzr commit logs, for example you can try:
    4 http://bugs.bitlbee.org/bitlbee/timeline?daysback=90&changeset=on
     2found in the git commit logs, for example you can try:
     6Version 3.4:
     7- First release pretty much fully prepared by dx instead of Wilmer. Just look
     8  at the tightly structured changelog!
     9- Main repository migrated from bzr to git
     10- Some API/ABI changes. Recompiling third party plugins is required!
     11- Important bugfixes:
     12  * Fix memory leak when calling word_wrap() on groupchat messages (dx)
     13  * Fix segfault after a file transfer is complete (dx)
     14  * Fix bug where NSS would refuse to work in forkdaemon mode (dx)
     15  * Fix several bugs with UTF8 nicks (dx)
     16  * Fix some nasty deadlocks that appared mostly with libpurple (dx)
     17- General changes:
     18  * Add a 'pattern' parameter to the blist command, to filter it (tribut)
     19  * Implemented /kick support, only supported by purple for now (jgeboski)
     20  * Add a "special" state to show_users (mapped to the % prefix) (jgeboski)
     21  * Improved support for cygwin, openbsd and darwin (jcopenha)
     22  * Create temporary users instead of showing "Message from unknown
     23    participant" (jgeboski)
     24- purple:
     25  * Local contact lists for gadugadu and whatsapp (dx)
     26  * Add topic and name_hint to groupchats (seirl)
     27  * Support for 'input' requests (such as telegram auth codes) (seirl)
     28    Note that telegram-purple itself is rather unstable ATM, it may crash.
     29- jabber:
     30  * Handle compressed DNS responses in SRV lookup (jcopenha)
     31  * Fix case sensitivity issues with JIDs (GRMrGecko, dx)
     32  * Implement XEP-0203 style message timestamps (dx)
     33  * Fix "Server claims your JID is X instead of Y" warnings (dx)
     34  * Account-wide display_name setting, mostly for hipchat (dx)
     35- twitter:
     36  * Filter channels. Search by keyword/hashtag or a list of users (jgeboski)
     37  * Fix bug in "reply" command which removed the first quote character (dx)
     38  * Add "rawreply" command, like reply but bitlbee won't add @mention (WillP)
     39  * Add support for The United States of America (favorite/fav aliases) (dx)
     40  * Default show_old_mentions to 0 (dx)
     41  * Start stream from last tweet on connect/reconnect (roger)
     42- msn:
     43  * Disabled module by default. The protocol we used (MSNP18) stopped working
     44    last week. This is being worked on, but it's far from ready for release.
     45- And lots of small bugfixes, too many to list here.
     47Finished 25 Mar 2015
    649Version 3.2.2:
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