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  • doc/CHANGES

    rc998255 r2cdd8ce  
    22- Removed some crashy debugging code.
    33- QUIT command now works before logging in. (Mainly an RFC-compliancy fix.)
     4- Hopefully slightly clearer handling of buddy add requests.
     5- set buddy_sendbuffer_delay now also supports milisecond precision.
     6- Renamed #bitlbee to &bitlbee to avoid confusion with the channel on OFTC.
     7- Reviewed the xinetd file and installation instructions.
     8- HTML stripping is configurable again.
     9- Quit messages (at least on crashes) should appear again.
    511Finished ...
  • doc/FAQ

    rc998255 r2cdd8ce  
    3838   artistic creativity.
    40 Q: Why is there no mailing list/CVS/<insert your favourite development tool
    41    here>?
    42 A: Short answer: we don't need it.
    44    Longer answer: and we're not completely convinced of their merits.
    46    Long answer: we currently use some shell scripts which make sure all
    47    developers' copies are in sync with Wilmer's master copy. These shell
    48    scripts also produce development "releases" and packages, as well as
    49    stick them on a http-server. Patches are sent to Wilmer who decides
    50    whether or not a patch should be applied and if it may need some
    51    additional changes. This has the consistency advantage of a one-person
    52    project while having the capacity of more people available. The system
    53    works and we are kind of attached to it.
    5540Q: When is $random_feature going to be implemented?
    5641A: Please do consult doc/TODO (preferably in a development snapshot, which
  • doc/README

    rc998255 r2cdd8ce  
    99make install will move all the files to the right places.
     11--- inetd installation
    1113After installation you have to set up inetd (you got that one running,
    1214right? If not, just take a look at utils/bitlbeed.c) to start BitlBee. You
    1820of just 'nobody') might be a good idea.
     22*BSD/Darwin/OSX NOTE: Most *BSD inetds are more scrict than the one that
     23comes with Linux systems. Possibly all non-Linux inetds are like this. They
     24don't allow you to specify a port number in the inetd.conf entry, instead
     25you have to put a service name there (one that is also mentioned in
     26/etc/services). So if there's no line in /services for 6667/tcp (or whatever
     27you choose), add it and use that name in the inetd.conf entry.
     29-- xinetd installation
     31Most machines use xinetd instead of inetd these days. If your machine runs
     32xinetd, you can copy the bitlbee.xinetd file from the doc/ directory to your
     33xinetd.d/ directory. Most likely you'll have to change a thing or two before
     34it'll work.
     36After configuring your (x)inetd, send the daemon a SIGHUP and things should
     37work. If not, see your syslogs, since both daemons will complain there when
     38something's wrong.
    2040Also, don't forget to create the configuration directory (/var/lib/bitlbee/
    2141by default) and chown it to the UID BitlBee is running as. Make sure this
    2242directory is read-/writable by this user only.
    24 (For xinetd users a xinetd configuration file is included: doc/bitlbee.xinetd)
    50 FreeBSD NOTE: It looks like FreeBSD does allow port numbers instead of service
    51 names in inetd.conf, as long as the service for this port exists in
    52 /etc/services. Linux isn't this strict. If you got problems in FreeBSD, just
    53 add a line for your chosen port number to /etc/services.
    55 Darwin/Mac OS X is even more strict; you should add a bitlbee service to
    56 /etc/services and use that name in inetd.conf. Not really a problem, since
    57 that's the cleanest way of doing this on any operating system anyway.
    5968Cygwin NOTE: You'll need a glib installation to run BitlBee. However, Cygwin
    6069doesn't provide a glib package. You can download a binary tar.gz from:
    6675Please do report them, we might be able to fix them if they're not too
     78Also, the configure script is known to not work very well with non-Bash
     79shells, so if you experience problems, make sure you use bash to run the
     80script. Same for the Makefile, it only works well with GNU make. (gmake on
     81most BSD systems)
     83If someone can tell us how to write Makefiles that work with both/all
     84versions of make, we'd love to hear it, but it seems this just isn't
  • doc/bitlbee.xinetd

    rc998255 r2cdd8ce  
    22## user, port and/or binary location might be wrong.
    4 service 6667
     4## This file assumes you have ircd somewhere in your /etc/services, if things
     5## don't work, check that file first.
     6service ircd
    68        socket_type     = stream
    79        protocol        = tcp
    810        wait            = no
     12        ## You most likely want to change these two
    913        user            = nobody
    1014        server          = /usr/local/sbin/bitlbee
    11         port            = 6667
     16        ## xinetd is fucking retarded, what's the use of this port flag if
     17        ## it HAS to be the same as in /etc/services ?
     18        # port          = 6667
  • doc/user-guide/commands.xml

    rc998255 r2cdd8ce  
    303303        </bitlbee-setting>
    305         <bitlbee-setting name="html" type="string">
    306                 <default>nostrip</default>
    307                 <possible-values>strip, nostrip</possible-values>
    309                 <description>
    310                         <para>
    311                                 Determines what BitlBee should do with HTML in messages. If set to nostrip, HTML in messages will not be touched. If set to strip, all HTML will be stripped from messages. Unfortunately this sometimes strips too much.
     305        <bitlbee-setting name="strip_html" type="boolean">
     306                <default>True</default>
     308                <description>
     309                        <para>
     310                                Determines what BitlBee should do with HTML in messages. Normally this is turned on and HTML will be stripped from messages, if BitlBee thinks there is HTML.
     311                        </para>
     312                        <para>
     313                                If BitlBee fails to detect this sometimes (most likely in AIM messages over an ICQ connection), you can set this setting to <emphasis>always</emphasis>, but this might sometimes accidentally strip non-HTML things too.
    312314                        </para>
    313315                </description>
    463465        <bitlbee-setting name="buddy_sendbuffer_delay" type="integer">
    464                 <description>
    466                         <para>
    467                                 Tell BitlBee after how many seconds a buffered message should be sent.
     466                <default>200</default>
     468                <description>
     470                        <para>
     471                                Tell BitlBee after how many (mili)seconds a buffered message should be sent. Values greater than 5 will be interpreted as miliseconds, 5 and lower as seconds.
    468472                        </para>
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