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Cleaning up utils directory, those scripts generate old-style files no longer
supported by BitlBee. Adding a script that converts libpurple configs (generated
by stuff like Pidgin, Finch, possibly Adium, maybe other programs that are not
BitlBee) into formats understood by BitlBee.

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[b7d3cc34]1This directory contains tiny additional programs which you might just like
2or need to run BitlBee:
5* bitlbeed.c
7If you want to run BitlBee on a machine you don't have root access to, this
8utility will help you. Compiling it is easy: 'gcc bitlbeed.c -o bitlbeed',
9you don't need any special flags. Use 'bitlbeed -h' to get more help.
11For example, 'bitlbeed -p6669 -n1 /home/wilmer/bin/bitlbee' will start
12listening on TCP port 6669 (on any interface, you might not want that!)
13and connect the specified BitlBee program to this socket as soon as
14someone connects. The -n1 makes sure only one person can be connected
15at once.
17Of course this program can be used for other programs too, not just BitlBee.
[f29f50e]22Converts libpurple configs into something BitlBee can use, so you don't
23have to re-add all your accounts by hand.
26* BitlBee-specific Irssi scripts for: tab completion, typing notifica-
[fe51bcf]27tions, auto-away and more, by Tijmen Ruizendaal <>.
29There are too many scripts to include them all with BitlBee (and keep
30them up-to-date), so you should get them from Tijmen's site:
35Please do send your sources if you write anything useful for the Bee!
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