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updates for 0.1.4

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[924d0f2]1VERSION         DESCRIPTION
[8de38e9]30.1.4         - documentation: mention the version of all deps (requirements
4                section)
5              - fix sending / sending accents
6              - don't use internal functions of skype4py
7              - skyped no longer dies when skype is killed
[40d2dc4]80.1.3         - support for edited messages
9              - ignore empty messages (skype does the same)
10              - support for multiline messages
11              - switch to the x11 api instead of dbus (it's much more stable)
[478c051]120.1.2         - notification when a new call arrives in
13              - more documentation (vnc)
14              - first release which works with unpatched bitlbee
[025da7a]150.1.1         - skyped now runs as daemon in the background by default
[924d0f2]16              - skyped now automatically reconnects on Skype restarts
170.1.0         - initial release
18              - see README for major features
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