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Makefile 698 bytes 1b221e0   2009-12-01T21:08:02Z g.c.w.m.mulders Added twitter-module.
twitter.c 6.3 KB 91cec2f   2010-04-07T21:38:56Z wilmer It'd be nice to not crash when the user goes away. :-) Don't export …
twitter.h 2.2 KB 2abceca   2010-04-06T17:25:51Z g.c.w.m.mulders Updates made as a result to the comments on the review.
twitter_http.c 5.3 KB 0519b0a   2010-04-06T23:54:00Z wilmer Killed unused twitter_urldecode() and silence some compiler warnings.
twitter_http.h 2.0 KB 1b221e0   2009-12-01T21:08:02Z g.c.w.m.mulders Added twitter-module.
twitter_lib.c 16.2 KB 1014cab   2010-04-07T00:46:38Z wilmer In groupchat mode, make contacts show up in the room instead of in …
twitter_lib.h 4.4 KB 62d2cfb   2010-03-25T21:31:27Z g.c.w.m.mulders Added option to get tweeds either through groupchat or privmes.
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