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Makefile 650 bytes afe0764   2005-12-17T12:40:47Z wilmer Changed filenames of IM modules (jabberr, msnn, etc, didn't really …
msn.c 10.3 KB 1053836   2006-01-30T13:30:59Z wilmer When closing down MSN (sb) connections with unsent messages, the …
msn.h 5.5 KB bc736cfa   2006-03-21T08:00:12Z wilmer Basic handling of LSG responses.
msn_util.c 8.3 KB 42d9571   2006-03-18T09:10:44Z wilmer Stupid warnings. :-P
ns.c 15.9 KB 1ad104a   2006-03-21T08:11:10Z wilmer ns.c now passess the first group a buddy is in.
passport.c 5.6 KB 43f205b   2005-12-18T01:06:11Z wilmer Crashbug fix in new MSN Passport code (plus a fix to make the 005 …
passport.h 1.7 KB ad8b8a3   2005-12-17T20:54:06Z wilmer Passport authentication works now.
sb.c 15.3 KB 8ba511d   2006-03-17T15:39:16Z wilmer Fixed a very stupid bug in the "Closing switchboard with unsent …
tables.c 7.4 KB 0196c47   2006-01-04T11:33:29Z wilmer MSN consts!
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