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Allow one to run the configure script from a different directory and put all
build files in there. I need this to properly make Debian package variants
(i.e. libpurple and native).

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[b7d3cc34]1-include ../Makefile.settings
[f60079b]2ifdef SRCDIR
3SRCDIR := $(SRCDIR)doc/
7        # Only build the docs if this is a bzr checkout
8        test ! -d ../.bzr || $(MAKE) -C user-guide
11        mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man8/ $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man5/
12        install -m 0644 bitlbee.8 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man8/
13        install -m 0644 bitlbee.conf.5 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man5/
[5357525]14        $(MAKE) -C user-guide $@
17        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man8/bitlbee.8*
18        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man5/bitlbee.conf.5*
[5357525]19        $(MAKE) -C user-guide $@
21.PHONY: install uninstall
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