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1The authors thank the following people:
3- The Gaim team, for letting us steal their code.
4- Sander van Schouwenburg, for his testing.
5- Marten Klencke, for his testing.
6- Lennart Kats, for putting up with Sjoerd, who bothered him many times to
7  test things.
8- Ralph Slooten, for creating the RPM packages and testing the program.
9- Erik Hensema, for creating SuSE RPM packages and some patching.
10- Tony Vroon, for being a happy user and patch-submitter.
11- Lots of Twente University students (and of course all the other users,
12  it's just that BitlBee seems to be some sort of hype over there ;-),
13  for spreading the word of the Bee.
14- Han Boetes, for testing on and porting to OpenBSD.
15- Paul Foote for some hints on running BitlBee on FreeBSD.
16- Floris Kruisselbrink, for submitting the "help set ..." patch.
17- Jan-Willem Lenting, for putting up with Wilmer, who wanted to test the
18  MSN away messages in the middle of the night.
19- Jan Sabbe, for the hints about running BitlBee on Mac OS X.
20- Kenny Gryp, for thoroughly testing the groupchat code and submitting
21  bug reports.
22- Bryan Williams, for the help in getting BitlBee to run on Cygwin.
23- Peter van Dijk for discovering a security leak in BitlBee.
24- Christian Häggeström, for the fix for the Jabber barf on high ASCII
25  characters in away messages.
26- James Ray, for some testing, development and patching.
27- Yuri Pimenov, for writing the charset/iconv code, requested by a
28  lot of people.
29- Wouter Paesen, for the MSN friendlyname code and the MSNP8 fix.
30- Tony Perrie, for the RPM's and the Yahoo! patch.
31- Andrej Kacian/Ticho for some patches.
32- Jochem Kossen, for giving an account on his OpenBSD box to do some
33  portability testing.
34- Geert Hauwaerts, for maintaining quite a big public BitlBee server
35  (, down for now) and reporting some very nice bugs.
36- Robert C Lorentz and other AIM users, for all the reports on bugs (and
37  providing test accounts) about the stupid AIM spaces-in-screenname
38  handling.
39- Scott Cruzen, for patching up strip_html() and more.
40- Samuel Tardieu, for random patches.
41- Tibor Csoegoer, for adding support for receiving URL messages to the
42  ICQ module.
43- Jonathan/rise, for reporting and fixing a problem with the Yahoo! servers
44  and supporting BitlBee in other ways.
45- Philip S Tellis, for libyahoo2.
46- Simon Schubert, for providing code to read the names of ICQ contacts.
47- NETRIC ( for auditting the BitlBee code security (and
48  finding some small problems).
49- Elizabeth Krumbach, for her help on the docs.
50- Frank Thieme, for the info-command enhancements and other patches.
51- Marcus Dennis, for some bitlbeed enhancements.
52- infamous41md, for security auditing BitlBee code.
53- Tijmen Ruizendaal, for some useful BitlBee-related irssi scripts.
54- Ed Schouten, for reporting bugs.
55- Greg (, for updating the Yahoo! module to fix some issues
56  that were there for quite some time already.
57- for lots of Jabber contributions.
59- And all other users who help us by sending useful bug reports, positive
60  feedback, nice patches and cool addons. Mentioning you all would make
61  this list fill up the whole source tree, so please don't be offended
62  by not seeing your name here.
64- All the people who run public BitlBee servers.
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