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Fix win32 build using mingw32 on linux (no ssl and yahoo yet though)

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[2983f5e]1Instructions for building BitlBee on Windows
41. Download the latest version using bzr (
6   H:\> bzr branch bitlbee-win32
7   ...
[d1d6776]92. Download and install the required development files:
[99318ad]10    from
[d1d6776]11    - glib
12    - glib-dev
[2983f5e]13    - libiconv (in dependencies/)
14    - gettext (in dependencies/)
[d1d6776]15    from
[2983f5e]16    - nss (in security/nss/)
17    - nspr (in nspr/)
[4146a07]19  glib and gettext are only required for actually running BitlBee - building
20  should work fine without them.
[2983f5e]223. Set the following variables in Makefile.settings, if you don't have the
23   libraries above installed in the default directories searched by MSVC:
[2983f5e]25   - GLIB_DIR
26   - NSS_DIR
27   - NSPR_DIR
[2983f5e]294. Build:
[2983f5e]31        H:\BitlBee> nmake /f
32        ...
345. To build setup files, compile the bitlbee.iss file using the Inno Setup
35   program (available from
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