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s/bitblee/bitlbee/ in the postinst script.

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[19a8088]1#!/bin/sh -e
3if [ "$1" = "upgrade" ]; then
[7448e1b]4        ## To prevent the help function from breaking in currently running
5        ## BitlBee processes. Have to do it like this because dpkg-reconfigure
6        ## looks a lot like an upgrade and we don't want to lose help.txt...
7        if [ -e /usr/share/bitlbee/help.txt ]; then
8                rm -f /usr/share/bitlbee/help.upgrading
9                mv /usr/share/bitlbee/help.txt /usr/share/bitlbee/help.upgrading
10        fi
[59c84c2]12        if which invoke-rc.d >/dev/null 2>&1; then
[c40580d]13                invoke-rc.d bitlbee stop || exit 0
[59c84c2]14        else
15                /etc/init.d/bitlbee stop || exit 0
16        fi
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