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Some Debian package fixes. If nothing else comes up, this will be 1.2-2.
(Not sure if I will roll back the non-Debian changes...)

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1                   *** NEWS (Version 1.2 and later) ***
3Starting from version 1.2, BitlBee has a forking daemon mode. The Debian
4package now uses this mode by default, instead of inetd mode. If you don't
5want to use this, you can disable the init scripts (best way to do this is
6by editing /etc/default/bitlbee) and restore the inetd.conf entry. This
7should be necessary only once, it won't be touched during upgrades.
9Another important change in BitlBee 1.2 is the file format used for your
10personal settings. Everything's now saved in a single .xml (per account,
11of course) file instead of $nick.accounts and $nick.nicks. One advantage
12of this new format is that the passwords are actually encrypted instead of
13just vaguely obfuscated. BitlBee can still read the old files, and will
14save things in the new format when you save/disconnect. After that, you
15can safely remove the old-style files (this is recommended).
17I tried making this transition (the new file format but especially, in this
18case, the inetd->forkdaemon mode change) as smooth as possible, but I'm
19aware that many BitlBee users will have their own hacks already to run the
20program. I hope the package won't break any of this for anyone. 1.2-2
21should fix at least some of the issues.
25Debconf should have asked you on what port you want BitlBee to run. If it
26did not, the port number should be 6667 or 6668. (6668 if you already got
27something running at 6667)
29Fire up your favourite IRC client and connect to localhost:6667 (or 6668),
30and read the documentation (type help for a list of commands).
32Have fun!
34The /usr/share/doc/bitlbee/examples/ directory contains some programs and
35scripts you might like or need. They're not really examples but it's quite
36normal behaviour to put small contrib stuff like that in there.
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