16:58 Ticket #1277 (Support filter channels for twitter lists and follows) created by anonymous
I'd like the ability to build a filter channel that shows only tweets …


14:47 Ticket #1276 (TLS: set CAfile per IM Account) created by ilf
More TLS suggestions from me: I would like to set a CAfile per IM …


19:26 Changeset [0483e1e] by dequis <dx@…>
Fix some compiler warnings warn_unused_result on write() is …
18:20 Changeset [2a1c27f] by dequis <dx@…>
Include debug symbols in non-debug builds, disable stripping by …
05:53 Changeset [87872c7] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: Use roomlist_room_serialize, fixes joining jabber chats The …


13:05 Ticket #1275 (Sometimes double expansion of t.co URLs) closed by wilmer
fixed: Fixed by [ed1f5e8de07be7c90e2e8cd9020727d53d6b04c7]
13:01 Changeset [ed1f5e8d] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Expand each (media) URL only once. Twitter likes duplication. #1275.


23:19 Ticket #1271 (Extended tweets with two or more photos attached show pic.twitter.com ...) closed by wilmer
duplicate: #1275 has example json dumps.
21:29 Ticket #1275 (Sometimes double expansion of t.co URLs) created by wilmer
Sometimes you get a t.co URL expanded multiple times. Looks like this …


23:41 Changeset [f8c9347] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Heh, oops, some error in the Twitter module still mentioned XML. …


07:49 Changeset [3f44e43] by dequis <dx@…>
Merge branch 'master' into parson
06:58 Changeset [5a8afc3] by dequis <dx@…>
Manual merge with wilmer's approach to handling missing protocols …


08:40 Changeset [537d9b9] by dequis <dx@…>
Merge master up to commit '9f03c47' into parson


08:23 Ticket #1222 (telegram-purple, after reconnection channels are recreated and not reused) closed by dx
invalid: Closing due to inactivity and the fact that it works for everyone else
08:20 Ticket #1267 (JIDs show up in Jabber rooms for Admins) closed by dx
invalid: I'll consider this one solved
08:19 Ticket #1272 (twitter: option to disable tweet source?) closed by dx
invalid: poof
08:16 Ticket #1274 (Improve handling of missing protocols) closed by dx
fixed: b4f496e7e9a22768f76c13b96deb1997bab55414
08:10 Changeset [11d4123] by dequis <dx@…>
protocols/unknown: Fix format-security warning Which is -Werror'd in …
08:05 Changeset [66b7741] by dequis <dx@…>
...of course, i had to forget to add unknown.c
07:59 Changeset [a7baf40] by dequis <dx@…>
Remove yahoo (the old protocol). Use funyahoo++ instead. RIP The …
07:32 Changeset [b4f496e] by dequis <dx@…>
Improve handling of unknown protocols / missing plugins Instead of …
04:21 Ticket #1274 (Improve handling of missing protocols) created by dx
This garbage: […] The next libpurple release will remove a …
04:16 Ticket #1273 (AIM clientlogin) created by dx
AIM may be breaking non-clientlogin auth at some point in the future. …
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