05:44 Ticket #415 (wrong names in jabber groupchats) closed by dx
fixed: Done in a42fda42abad6af64ac9a905856ee9a3095954cd and …
05:40 Ticket #865 (Make bitlbee send "is away" and such status messages via &bitlbee ...) closed by dx
fixed: Done in b1634a8935604d27bd0ef7fb8772a0d48a105a10
04:08 Changeset [d701547] by dequis <dx@…>
CHANGES: fix the year of the 3.4.2 release lol
03:58 Changeset [f892236] by dequis <dx@…>
Send new away message when message changes Send new away message when …
03:58 Changeset [4e0e590] by dequis <dx@…>
Remove vestiges of storage_text It was removed in ba7d16f, but this …
03:58 Changeset [3320d6d] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: Add "always_use_nicks" setting, for non-anonymous MUCs …
03:58 Changeset [63825d6] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: Fix leak in jabber_si_set_proxies
03:58 Changeset [b1634a8] by dequis <dx@…>
Don't send 301 RPL_AWAY when talking to contacts through &bitlbee …
03:58 Changeset [82b0295] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: Properly handle rejected file transfers
03:58 Changeset [3c3b916] by dequis <dx@…>
irc_channel_add_user: Don't call update_ops if not needed It only …
03:58 Changeset [8f8a56f] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: Check for other resources before removing someone from a chat …
03:58 Changeset [a42fda4] by dequis <dx@…>
Add imcb_buddy_nick_change(), like nick_hint but stronger nick_hint …


23:57 Changeset [14f912d]3.4.2 by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
BitlBee 3.4.2 - release date fixed.


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fix view bugs link (diff)


11:20 Ticket #1251 (Twitter replies to multiple parties not working correctly) created by count-bitlbee.org@…
When replying to a tweet with multiple mentions, only a reply to the …


02:22 Changeset [55259c4] by dequis <dx@…>
Prepare 3.4.2 release notes
00:10 Changeset [b1d9c06] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: return XT_ABORT after failed IQ auth attempts


18:25 Changeset [0843bbe] by Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis@…>
twitter.c: Squelch an unused variable warning 9456255 made the …


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