09:00 Ticket #1195 (bitlbee sends invalid IRC messages by failing to remove whitespace ...) created by maethor@…
This bug is quite similar to …


01:08 Ticket #1154 ([Jabber] Display message from unknown participants as normal messages) closed by dx
fixed: We applied a patch based on this idea here: …


02:31 Ticket #1149 (provide a way to reply to a tweet without requiring that it starts ...) closed by dx
fixed: Patch applied here: https://github.com/bitlbee/bitlbee/commit/dfaa46d3


23:58 Changeset [34afea7] by dequis <dx@…>
Use glib's GChecksum for md5/sha1 This changes behavior slightly: - …
13:44 Ticket #1194 (Bind to multiple addresses on OpenBSD 5.6) created by soeren+bitlbee@…
BitlBee doesn't seem to be able to bind to more than one IP address on …


04:40 Ticket #1193 (Google Hangouts support) closed by dx
wontfix: Hi! Sorry! Closing this ticket because we don't track feature requests …
04:07 Changeset [e41cc40] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: Implement /kick


19:24 Changeset [7821ee8] by jgeboski <jgeboski@…>
irc_commands: implemented KICK support With similar commands being …


19:21 Ticket #1193 (Google Hangouts support) created by davr
The newer "Google Hangouts" supports more features that are not …
17:06 Changeset [7b8238d] by jgeboski <jgeboski@…>
irc-channel: implemented a special mode for show_users This allows …
05:13 Changeset [1fa5109] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: bitlbee-dev depends either bitlbee or bitlbee-libpurple


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Spammer still didn't die. Such a shame. (diff)


20:46 Changeset [12fe5ea] by Wilmer van der Gaast <github@…>
Merge pull request #5 from seirl/purple_title purple: add topic and …
13:43 Ticket #1192 (Add a way to show a PurpleStoredImage in libpurple) created by seirl
libpurple abstracts the way clients receive an image via the different …
13:20 Changeset [fd213fe] by Antoine Pietri <antoine.pietri@…>
purple: add NULL guard around topic and name hint
07:50 Changeset [ce402b2] by dequis <dx@…>
Twitter format strings Allow users to specify how tweets should be …
07:50 Changeset [dfaa46d] by dequis <dx@…>
twitter: Add raw reply support By default, "reply" prepends the …
03:46 Changeset [73ee390] by jgeboski <jgeboski@…>
twitter: implemented filter based group chats Filter group chats …
03:27 Changeset [5eab298f] by dequis <dx@…>
random_bytes: Use /dev/urandom only, don't bother trying /dev/random …
02:43 Changeset [11e7828] by dequis <dx@…>
Fix whatsapp local contact lists Had to move the code that adds …
02:43 Changeset [fcb2c2e] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: Account-wide display_name setting, for groupchats This sets …
02:43 Changeset [be1efa3] by dequis <dx@…>
Add handle_is_self() prpl function to fix JID mismatch confusion bugs …
02:43 Changeset [8519f45] by dequis <dx@…>
Silence some oscar compilation warnings And that's enough editing of …


21:30 Changeset [95e17fc] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Run 'make check' from travis.
20:45 Changeset [36ee8c6] by Antoine Pietri <antoine.pietri@…>
purple: add topic and name_hint to groupchats
05:00 Changeset [e26aa72] by dequis <dx@…>
Add git specific stuff! - A few build system tweaks - A fancy …


17:04 Ticket #1191 (msn transport doesn't remember I have answered questions) created by Matěj Cepl <mcepl@…>
I contact to MSN account and I get two questions to answer. I do, …


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Fucking die already you crap spammer (diff)


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21:18 Ticket #1106 (Can't send private messages to chatroom members whose name contain ...) closed by dx
fixed: Fixed this as part of revision 1072, based on the patch from this …
21:00 Ticket #1185 (Using old FSF address) closed by dx
fixed: Applied as part of revision 1071 …
20:13 Changeset [eb4ad8d] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Merging random other fixes/cleanups.
20:00 Changeset [1065dd4] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Merge cleanup changes. (FSF address fix, and using GLib variants of …
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