23:59 Ticket #278 (doesnt convert nicks savefile properly from 1.0.3 to 1.1dev) closed by wilmer
wontfix: This is a little bit annoying, but fixing it is next to impossible …
23:54 Ticket #256 (Google Talk Code 500 Error) closed by wilmer
fixed: Just reopen this if 1.1dev still has this problem.
22:48 Ticket #227 (Extra characters at the end of every message. (Improve Y! specific ...) closed by wilmer
22:46 Ticket #171 ([PATCH] Environment variable CFLAGS isn't honored) closed by wilmer
22:45 Changeset [285b55d] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
configure script now allows one to override CFLAGS. (Bug #171)
22:15 Changeset [1186382] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Made the netsplit-like quit messages optional.
21:56 Changeset [8c2008e] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added 1.0.4 changes to doc/CHANGES.
00:34 Changeset [527360f] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added some comments to nogaim.h (Thanks to Miklos Vajna).


17:50 Ticket #326 (can't register or do anything) closed by wilmer
invalid: It looks like you didn't read the README file yet.
17:44 Ticket #326 (can't register or do anything) created by mgl
I can't find much documentation but from what you have on your website …


13:56 Changeset [2896674] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
Merge http://code.bitlbee.org/bitlbee/.
00:04 Changeset [acd61b9] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
Improve comments in nogaim.h so that writing support for new protocols …


22:07 Changeset [e2869bf] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
"Changed" the ArcFour implementation. I'm afraid this was a waste of …
21:45 Changeset [2305488] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Adding test for arc.c so that I can now safely replace the RC4 code …
21:35 Ticket #325 (MSN groupchats don't show who invited you) created by toxik
The MSN groupchats don't show who invited you into the groupchat, …
20:56 Changeset [5b677eb] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
updates for 0.2.0
20:42 Changeset [a7b5925] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Renaming RC4 to ArcFour (possible trademark issues).
15:13 Changeset [6adca511] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
update docu for skype-
14:37 Changeset [ff58445] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
docu update for recent changes
14:36 Changeset [86278cd] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
implement skype_chat_with() so that '/j #nick' is possible: we can …
02:00 Changeset [d6a371e] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
update documentation
01:55 Changeset [760319d] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
implemented skype_chat_invite()
01:55 Changeset [86f2683] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skype_read_callback(): sanity check
01:06 Changeset [ec159f1] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
fix unwanted rejoin after /part
00:27 Changeset [c09d327] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
avoid nicks joining to a group chat multiple times


23:38 Changeset [b01dc6c] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
implemented skype_chat_leave()
23:12 Changeset [31870ae] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
handle parts in groupchats
22:23 Changeset [2a0f99c] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
handle the topic changes in group chats correctly
20:53 Changeset [349ee4a] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
fix agressive groupchat mechanism since 55f2d43, a groupchat was …
20:44 Changeset [79e20f9] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
implement skype_chat_msg() now sending groupchat messages works, too :)
20:44 Changeset [548bf76] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
remove debug printfs
20:28 Changeset [c81d0ef] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
receiving group chat messages now works it's a bit agressive. dialogs …
20:06 Changeset [3ef1910] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
don't mark messages as seen - they still spams the skype client - …
20:03 Changeset [5a61e43f] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
revert "handle topic changes" - this reverts commit …
19:59 Changeset [66c9558] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
new dummy skype_chat_msg() function
19:20 Changeset [72aa7f0] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
initial groupchat support read: we detect that we are invited we …
16:05 Changeset [2d07803] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
handle topic changes
15:35 Changeset [a75f2a7] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
display received messages in utf8, so that we can avoid most …
15:25 Changeset [3922d44] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
handle the case when ping fails (ie: timeout)
15:16 Changeset [df9255d] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
notification when somebody wants to transfer a file
14:46 Changeset [7e66424] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
readme: skype4py has some incompatible changes, mention this …


19:05 Changeset [c5dd164] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
update group chat status to be honest, today i had to use skype group …


11:39 Ticket #324 (MSN - banned when trying to remove a contact) created by Dam
Hello, Here's what I got when trying to remove someone from my MSN …


08:09 Ticket #323 (Can't change resource for a jabber account) closed by wilmer
fixed: Fixed in devel, thanks for the report. :-)
08:08 Changeset [9334cc2] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fixed NULL pointer dereference in "account set" command. That command …
00:48 Ticket #323 (Can't change resource for a jabber account) created by padde
Hi, today I wanted to change my resource field from 'BitlBee' to …


18:36 Changeset [25d87e4] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
README: link gitweb
18:31 Changeset [3d9a92b] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
Merge branch 'master' of …
18:31 Changeset [4c3a4c8] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
README: spelling fixes


14:16 Changeset [368861e] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skype_data struct: some more comments also renmae r_inpa to bfd


09:53 Ticket #322 (Get nick from server when adding new (ICQ) buddies) created by mortenjo+bitlbee@…
If I add a person to my ICQ buddies with bitlbee, they typically get …


02:38 Ticket #321 (Stipulating a Nick Name with the add Command Creates Duplicity) created by Chascon
Problem: "add usename@… NickName" creates the contact on the …


22:26 Changeset [8de38e9] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
updates for 0.1.4


22:11 Changeset [af8675f] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skyped: handle a possible IOError
08:04 Ticket #320 (nick change = endless loop of error messages) created by DatLicht
Hi, if change the nick, I'll get an endless loop of "nick change too …
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