10:46 Ticket #236 (Add support for Jabber transports) created by mmassonnet@…
As in the title, add support for Jabber transports. Sometimes …


09:42 Changeset [348c11b] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Add lcov target


22:08 Changeset [7738014] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Add tests for set
21:38 Changeset [8c073a6] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Add testsuite for crypting.
21:17 Changeset [ed5df81] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Add unit testing for user code


22:41 Ticket #235 (Report idle status or add 'Forward to Mobile' away state capability for AIM) created by anonymous
AIM has a nifty feature where you can register your mobile phone …
20:01 Ticket #234 (Yahoo status not being updated when set /away) created by Bogus
When setting your status /away bitlbee is not changing the icon on …


10:15 Ticket #233 (Cannot connect to localhost on solaris) created by Kena
With both 1.0.3 and new-jabber I have the following issue: when …


21:12 Ticket #232 (Bitlbee does not honor --pidfile) created by Kena
I changed --pidfile to something different but bitlbee is still using …


00:22 Ticket #231 (Clean up _connected() event handler when closing a socket) created by wilmer
Nasty things can happen when the _connected() event handler for a …


11:32 Ticket #230 (Compiling and bind():ing on AIX 5.1) created by anonymous
First off, let me explain the priority; i selected major since the …
07:48 Ticket #229 (Chinese support in Bitlbee) created by cyu021@…
The Chinese characters don't work with bitlbee even I set the charset …


06:24 Ticket #228 (I can't start bitlbee for windows. I get an error message) created by anonymous
Hello. I cant start bitlbee for windows I get an error message wich …
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