06:30 Ticket #105 (Add support for jep-0085 for typing notification) created by kaouete@…
Hi, it looks like to me that this jep-0085 …
05:03 Ticket #104 (... more modes .. more info ..) created by dexter
Well .. you could make more modes for the users .. like +&%@ ? + - …


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12:12 Fosdem2006 created by Jelmer Vernooij


16:20 Ticket #103 (Setting to format hostmask) created by uin99733858@…
Hi, I'd be cool to opt to keep our buddys' user information private @ …


17:22 Ticket #102 (guys, you rock! :D) closed by wilmer
wontfix: Hehehe, thanks. :-)
14:56 Ticket #102 (guys, you rock! :D) created by anonymous
bitlbee is the neatest software made since invention of IRC. thanks …
10:34 Ticket #101 (ICQ protocol change) created by ivan_tihonov@…
12th Feb 2006 + ICQ protocol fix. In the past few days, AOL changed …


20:49 Ticket #100 (expire inative users) closed by wilmer
invalid: Hmm, then he disabled auto-save. I wonder why. With BitlBee <0.8 (or …
16:51 Ticket #100 (expire inative users) reopened by mauritz@…
This is a user who use my server every day: -rw------- 1 root …
12:50 Ticket #100 (expire inative users) closed by admin
invalid: It's not a bug. :-)
12:49 Ticket #100 (expire inative users) reopened by admin
12:49 Ticket #100 (expire inative users) closed by wilmer
fixed: Timing, I think this is about clearing account files of users that …
06:23 Ticket #100 (expire inative users) created by mauritz@…
Hello guys, What do you think about expire users who not use the …


22:29 Ticket #99 (a bug with identifying) closed by wilmer
fixed: Ouch, if your nick was indeed Ozrius, it seems your account files were …
22:13 Changeset [7cf85e7] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fixed --help
08:02 Changeset [f665dab] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Initial work on new LDB-based storage backend
07:26 Changeset [5ebe625] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
07:25 Changeset [a323a22] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Add autoconnect property
07:24 Changeset [58bc4e6] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Fix silly warning
07:20 Changeset [ec3e411] by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@…>
Merge Wilmer


10:05 Ticket #99 (a bug with identifying) created by anonymous
After I've connected to im.bitlbee.org and I've typed in the identify …


18:05 Ticket #98 (blist all bug, maybe) created by danger@…
when I run "blist all" command, the root user stops to respond to …


22:56 Ticket #97 (test \o/) closed by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
invalid: If this all appears, the script works perfectly! :-)
22:49 Ticket #97 (test \o/) created by wilmer
I just really feel like trying out my new mail-to-Trac script on a …
17:16 Ticket #96 (MSN status change affects all connected users) closed by wilmer
fixed: […] But thanks for reporting it anyway. ;-) Someone else also had …
17:10 Ticket #96 (MSN status change affects all connected users) created by thundur (at) maffiaworld (dot) net
When two or more users are connected to MSN through the same bitlbee …


05:31 Ticket #95 (Yahoo Chat) created by anonymous
To be able to logon to yahoo chat. This shouldnt be too difficult as …


20:38 Ticket #94 (Version information does not appear with /version) created by timing
when doing /version in irssi, a normal irc server returns the version …


15:52 Ticket #49 ("account off" doesn't correctly disconnect all accounts) closed by admin
worksforme: Talked to the submitter. Most likely this is a buffering/antiflood …


13:59 Changeset [1d2e3c2] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added RESTART command for easier upgrades without losing IPC …
13:34 Ticket #93 (messages from mobile phones) closed by wilmer
13:21 Changeset [34b17d9] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added PID-file code.


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Fucking wanker spammer (diff)
18:26 WikiStart edited
16:07 Changeset [8365610] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added a little warning message when people use a wrong set-command syntax.
13:31 Ticket #86 (better reporting of failed messages) closed by wilmer
fixed: What about showing the destination user? It's in bzr now [124], I …
13:30 Changeset [1053836] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
When closing down MSN (sb) connections with unsent messages, the …


05:29 Ticket #93 (messages from mobile phones) created by caleb.jacobs@…
well all i can say is that when someone sends me a message from a …
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