04:27 Changeset [c9e9c9c] by dx <dx@…>
Another instance where PF_UNIX was used and shouldn't. I couldn't …
04:27 Changeset [e7e6484] by dx <dx@…>
The protocol argument to socketpair was incorrect. For some reason …
04:25 Changeset [16e4a9f] by dx <dx@…>
Convert CREDITS from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
04:16 Changeset [08b0ed8] by dx <dx@…>
configure: respect autotools-like verbose flags for make In other …
04:16 Changeset [65d0dfd] by dx <dx@…>
Add --verbose configure option to control verbose build output …


20:44 Changeset [262a82b]master by dequis <dx@…>
BitlBee 3.5.1


22:40 Changeset [30d598c] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: Fix crash on ft requests from unknown contacts Followup to …


22:36 Changeset [53cb4ae] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
More troubles because the fix from the Debian bug didn't match the fix …
11:54 Changeset [eaffd0d] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Few more tweaks to integrate 3.4.2-1.1 back into Debian history properly.


00:46 Changeset [b5fb903] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: Merge changes from 3.4.2-1.1 NMU into 3.5-1 Because …


22:27 Changeset [b8bc398] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Slight changes for Debian 3.5-1 upload.
22:16 Changeset [d17b3e1] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Remove dead/now unsupported IM protocols from debian/control.


23:23 Changeset [79b83da] by dequis <dx@…>
BitlBee 3.5
22:57 Changeset [ebed81c] by dequis <dx@…>
Merge debian stuff to prepare for 3.5
20:26 Changeset [e2a5be7] by dequis <dx@…>
Prepare 3.5 release notes
07:32 Changeset [8dbecd23] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: Apparently NEWS.Debian needs to be called NEWS I thought I …
06:35 Changeset [3cf727c] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: add NEWS.debian


16:10 Changeset [683e4e0] by dequis <dx@…>
blist: set width of nick column to 24 to avoid truncating them It was …


06:30 Changeset [3b8e4be6] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: show self-messages in groupchat backlogs (before join) That …
03:32 Changeset [188b75e] by dequis <dx@…>
oscar: fix checkdisallowed condition, which was breaking login. …


17:43 Changeset [eddece1] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: update changelog
17:41 Changeset [fc42016] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: removed outdated stuff from README.debian
17:41 Changeset [2d09041] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: remove some mentions of yahoo in control and copyright
15:30 Changeset [fc6457e] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: ignore the stdout of deluser, fixes postrm error exit code …
06:53 Changeset [73e2b69] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: add preinst script for a smoother transition to systemd units …
06:44 Changeset [7a3d2c7] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: drop support for /etc/default/bitlbee It was broken with the …


00:37 Changeset [8768f67] by dequis <dx@…>
systemd: Remove obsolete "After=syslog.target" As suggested by …


20:40 Changeset [2e8523b] by dx <dx@…>
Use NI_MAXHOST rather than HOST_NAME_MAX for host lengths. This …


17:24 Changeset [7801298] by dequis <dx@…>
Per-account handle_unknown Credit for the idea goes to russian XMPP …
06:58 Changeset [9cdcef0] by dequis <dx@…>
debian: Don't skip debhelper steps when upgrading I think this is the …
06:53 Changeset [398b3198] by dequis <dx@…>
Doc tweaks for chat list, and stop suggesting 'chat' is deprecated …
00:37 Changeset [c11b68a] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: fix -Werror=format-string in chat settings code This one was …
00:29 Changeset [faa7abb6] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: hack to keep the purple-line auth token in the config
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