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#752 Bitlbee doesn't work on Debian Squeeze defect critical BitlBee
#958 0Auth token authentication will not work defect critical Twitter
#73 Appearing as disconnected when adding a MSN contact wilmer defect major MSN
#237 MSN fails to login defect major BitlBee
#295 Connection to Yahoo! servers hangs unexpectedly wilmer defect major Yahoo
#379 Unable to login with gmail account defect major Jabber
#385 Run BitlBee win32 port as background service enhancement major BitlBee
#430 AIM (oscar) appears to be broken Jelmer Vernooij defect major OSCAR
#548 [] multiple connection errors, need to try three times. wilmer defect major MSN
#564 Bitlbee does not allow communication with bots on AIM defect major BitlBee
#610 [MSN] Authentication failure with password containing special characters. defect major BitlBee
#857 Segfault on msn_soap_passport_sso_build_request, bzr 825 wilmer defect major MSN
#90 msn + accented letters error wilmer defect normal MSN
#101 ICQ protocol change Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#114 blist does not show OSCAR-Buddys correctly when they're offline defect normal BitlBee
#127 Max Number of Accounts defect normal BitlBee
#144 put nick: before authorization request enhancement normal BitlBee
#147 Availability to receive details from contacts which are not in the list enhancement normal BitlBee
#149 block allow bugs wilmer defect normal BitlBee
#152 Daily snapshots of dev stuff out-of-date defect normal BitlBee
#163 Yahoo "info" command error. wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#165 inivisible user shown as offline defect normal BitlBee
#176 could not login to custom jabber server defect normal Jabber
#204 Using bitlbee with a proxy--disconnection varies between 2 and 5 minutes when idle. defect normal 1.0.3 IRC
#228 I can't start bitlbee for windows. I get an error message defect normal BitlBee
#229 Chinese support in Bitlbee enhancement normal BitlBee
#233 Cannot connect to localhost on solaris defect normal Jabber
#242 Stops responding to commands after trying to connect to aim Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#260 bitlbee ignores JIDs starting with '+' defect normal Jabber
#287 msn protocol: read error 104 defect normal BitlBee
#293 make check fails (missing check.h) Jelmer Vernooij defect normal BitlBee
#320 nick change = endless loop of error messages defect normal IRC
#353 set msn/display_name foo is ignored defect normal BitlBee
#435 Bitlbee goes crazy after using "remove" Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#467 ERC Doesn't voice/devoice defect normal BitlBee
#498 unable to bind UNIX socket to /var/run/bitlbee.sock defect normal BitlBee
#512 mobile aim users defect normal BitlBee
#555 MSN login failure .............. I could not login , why is that ? defect normal BitlBee
#560 Conversion of '.accounts' file to .xml file fails when 'Authmode = Registered' defect normal BitlBee
#565 Accounts with Spaces in Password defect normal BitlBee
#579 Cannot connect to icq, gtalk and jabber after upgrade to 1.2.5 defect normal BitlBee
#585 in the module is not working jabber PLAIN authentication. wilmer defect normal Jabber
#591 Dash (-) in jabber chatrooms makes the connection fail defect normal BitlBee
#638 Can't connect to Gmail wilmer defect normal Jabber
#675 No new query is opened, when using /msg $NAME defect normal BitlBee
#719 Pasting a few lines makes otr crash bitlbee pesco defect normal OTR
#745 When non-root, can't bind to privledged port enhancement normal BitlBee
#758 Jabber password containing slash (forward and back) characters fails authentication wilmer defect normal Jabber
#763 bitlbee treats bouble slash in password incorrectly defect normal BitlBee
#788 Retweet fails geert defect normal Twitter
#808 Authentication failure in gmail. Pass it's okay defect normal BitlBee
#846 Bitlbee Start/Stop script in Debian doesn't stop bitlbee defect normal BitlBee
#858 msn - Login error: Someone else logged in with your account wilmer defect normal MSN
#861 A decent update mechanism for bitlbee in irssi enhancement normal BitlBee
#868 bee dies using otr trust someone and otr messages shown as notices pesco defect normal OTR
#890 Msn not connecting defect normal BitlBee
#908 Bitlbee won't join channels automatically / save them defect normal BitlBee
#934 Warning: Almost had an infinite loop in nick_get() defect normal BitlBee
#977 Specific jabber server doesn't work wilmer defect normal Jabber
#990 Twitter fails to update when Jabber reconnecting defect normal BitlBee
#1012 Bitlbee fails to send messages with umlaut-containing letters defect normal BitlBee
#1046 bitlbee hangs in `ssl_read` for google talk accounts defect normal BitlBee
#1113 otr disconnect <nick> doesn't work pesco defect normal OTR
#1141 Purple builds suggest using oauth for jabber, but it's not implemented wilmer defect normal Purple
#1186 DIGEST-MD5 auth fails defect normal BitlBee
#1187 emojis not getting display in twitter [at least direct messages] defect normal Twitter
#1205 Groupchats may create users with utf8 nicks when utf8_nicks is disabled defect normal BitlBee
#1228 Unicode chars in Hipchat names are removed defect normal BitlBee
#1295 add Matrix support to libpurple backend enhancement normal Purple
#43 ISON(/notify) bugs defect minor BitlBee
#49 "account off" doesn't correctly disconnect all accounts defect minor BitlBee
#74 Groupchat incompatibility with newest m$ MSN Messenger clients wilmer defect minor MSN
#207 "set" command sets *any* variables, but no way to remove them defect minor BitlBee
#522 Google Talk password with @ in it not accepted wilmer defect minor Jabber
#732 Commands do not fail gracefully defect minor BitlBee
#959 oauth not working with --ssl=openssl defect minor BitlBee
#1054 Daily build debian testing unmet dependencies libgnutls28 (>= 3.0.20-0) defect minor BitlBee
#66 bitlbee as services Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#77 Possible infinite recursion (found in my log file) defect wishlist 1.2 BitlBee
#89 Permanent away status wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#133 ASCII art of photographic data needs Tone Mapping enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#202 alias for account in account list enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#443 Modification for away_devoice defect wishlist BitlBee
#468 windows in bitlbee nintendo DS defect wishlist BitlBee
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